Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 Battery Power Grip for Canon T3i

he Zeikos battery grip not only gives your hands more room and support, you’ll double your battery power!

Not long after getting my Canon T3i I noticed that although it fits great in my hand, my pinky finger was under the camera adding support and getting strained. Looking around for accessories that would add more stability and grip area, I researched different camera grips. Battery grips serve a twofold purpose, extra battery capacity and extra gripping area.  After considering prices and reading reviews I purchased the Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 Battery Power Grip .

The combination of two batteries at once and more gripping room is unbeatable. For the price it’s one of the best and useable additions to your camera gear.  While I was waiting for the battery grip to arrive, I had my single battery drain when I was out shooting in cold weather. While it’s no big deal to change batteries in a situation like that, it’s just easier to have dual batteries all the time!The battery grip has the camera controls when you rotate the camera into portrait mode. The finish matches the Canon and for a new DSLR user like me, I couldn’t tell it was an aftermarket accessory. The look and feel is better than I thought it would be. It also helps me balance the camera better.
You can use one or both camera batteries at a time. Included with the grip is another battery slider, for AA batteries. I don’t have plans to use it but it’s nice to have for backup.
Now that I have the Zeikos battery grip I can’t imagine going out to shoot without it. I originally wanted something that would give my hand better support, but I love the having the double battery power. Getting a battery grip is a no-brainer if you need better support and/or extended battery life. It does add bulk to the camera so it may fit tighter in your bag. I highly recommend the Zeikos batter grip for the Canon T3i. Once you use a battery grip it’s hard to give it up!

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