Xbox 360 Racing Games

Xbox 360 Racing Games. One of my favorite pastimes is video game racing and driving games. You can read about my gaming setup and driving games here. In keeping with my environmental beliefs of reducing and reusing I always try to get my video games used. There is a CD and game shop nearby that I can regularly check for racing games I don’t have. I suggest buying your Xbox 360 racing games used but if you can’t here are links to get the racing and driving games you want. Game list will be updated with racing titles as I play them. Have fun racing!

he Best Xbox 360 Racing Games

Forza Horizon – Xbox 360Forza Horizon – Forza Horizon has been my favorite racing game of the last year! Single-player is fun, good story and exciting racing but the game really shines in multiplayer. The playground games(King, Infected and Cat and Mouse) are great races with online friends. Forza Horizon is easy to pick up and play. I race when I take a break from work. I bought the rally expansion more for the cars then the tracks. I’m playing Forza Horizon several years after buying it…it’s just that much fun! I think this is the best entertaining medium for children in holidays

Forza 4 – Forza 4 on the Xbox 360 is one of the best racing games on any platform. Virtual racing doesn’t get better than Forza 4! Read my Forza Motorsport 4 Game Review. Forza 4 was one of the first racing games I played on the Xbox 360. It will always hold a special place in many video game racing fans hearts.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit – Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Xbox 360 is an arcade racer that’s fun for great for any age. Being an arcade racing game Hot Pursuit it’s not my favorite but is a hit when friends are over to race. It’s easy to jump into and race, pure and simple fun for every driver.

Wheel Support – Need For Speed Autolog – Weapons and Equipment – 1-8 player Online Multiplayer – Play as either cops and racers

Need for Speed: The Run – Xbox 360

Need for Speed The Run – Arcade racer that has you racing across the country. I really like the varied racing locations from the city to the mountains.

The Need for Speed The Run Xbox 360 does have a story but it’s take the backseat to the racing. Get it for the beautiful driving scenery and fun racing.Wheel Support – Be the first to cross the finish line as you speed across the country – Evade a relentless police force – Autolog – Customize for Show or Customize to Win


Shift 2 Unleashed – Bought in a bargain bin I was expecting something like The Run and Hot Pursuit. I was wrong! Shift 2 Unleashed Xbox 360 is the best Need for Speed game in my opinion!

Shit 2 Unleashed has one of the best driving viewpoints of any racing games. the Helmet Cam veiw. The helmet cam puts you into first-person racing like no other racing game ever has. In my top three racing titles of all time. My first helmet cam race left me breathing hard, sweating and amazed!

Wheel Support – Autolog – 12-player Online Racing – True Realistic Racing – Deep Career Mode

Driver San Francisco

DRIVER San Francisco -The first racing game in my collection that I can’t use a driving wheel with and I’m OK with that! Arcade racing through San Francisco with the ability to ‘shift’ in between cars. Driver San Francisco for the Xbox 360 has an unlikely plot, but I like it. Reminds of the original Driver I played on the PC. Fun and unique racing game with interesting story. Read my review of Driver San Francisco.

No Wheel Support – Cinematic car chase experience – 10 different multiplayer modes, including 6 online modes – ‘Shift’ between more than 130 licensed cars – Over 200 square miles of road – Arcade Racing

Dirt 2 – Xbox 360

DIRT 2 – I played the original DIRT and DIRT 2 on the PC. When I switched to Xbox 360 I knew it’d be one of the first racing games I bought. I fell in love with dirt racing because of the DIRT games. Dirt 2 is very intense and enjoyable rally racing and stadium racing game. High octane off-road racing!

Wheel Support – 2-8 multiplayer support both on Xbox LIVE and via system link – World Tour race mode – Canyon racing, jungle trails and city stadiums


DIRT 3 – The fun continues in Dirt 3 for the Xbox 360 with quicker menus to get you into the racing faster. Better graphics including various weather and night-time driving ramp up the racing excitement. Gymkhana, Land Rush and Rally cross driving at its best!

Wheel Support – More cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other DIRT game – Gymkhana events – Weather Effects – Invasion, Outbreak, Transporter Party Modes


GRID – At the time I played Grid on my PC it was my favorite racing game. It was the first game I had played that had drifting and I loved it! I bought a used copy of Grid for Xbox 360 and have relived the magic. Everything is top-notch from the visuals to the sounds. A must buy for Xbox 360 racing fans! Featuring US, Japan and Europe regions.

Muscle cars, city racing, drift racing, traditional circuit racing styles – Create your own race team, hire co-drivers, and attract real-life sponsors


BAJA: Edge of Control – Baja: Edge of control is an older racing game but still a lot of fun. The graphics are older and more blocky than todays games. The sound is also not up to par of todays racing titles. Given all that, it’s a fun game and I’ve found myself enjoying racing the different vehicles and tracks. If you don’t mind the older look, Baja: Edge of Control is worth adding to your collection! Epic Open Worlds cover over 100 square miles.


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