If you haven’t noticed already, humanity is in crisis for a while now. Be it pandemics like Ebola, Covid-19, or the catastrophe like global warming; it all starts with not respecting the animal world and violating natural boundaries. Human beings should realize a simple fact; animals were not created for their consumption. Farming cows, pigs, and chicken take landmass and other resources that could be better used to educate the children and eradicating poverty. Every time you buy a beet taco or some fried chicken from a fast food joint, you contribute to this billion-dollar industry that strategically kills the animals and profit from harming the environment. 

The dark truth of the meat and dairy industry is not hidden any more from the public eye. Watch documentaries like Cowspiracy, to learn how deep-rooted the actual problem is. It is not enough to reuse the same bag or switching to paper straws; you must stop eating meat and dairy products altogether to enjoy a life well realized. Continue reading this article to find out the personal benefits of being vegan. 

Health First: Whenever you visit a nutritionist to create your personalized food chart, he will tell you to add more fruits and leafy vegetables to your daily diet. He will not advise you to chomp on a bucket of fried chicken now and then; there is a reason for it. Animal meat is not healthy for human beings in the long run, as consumption of meat contributes much to chronic diseases and cardiac problems. 

  • If you are still not sure about the health benefits of being completely vegan, you may start by taking the ‘one-month vegan challenge’. All you need to do is not eat meat and dairy products for one month and see the health improvement for yourself. 
  • You will feel lighter and more energetic when you omit fattening meat from your regular diet. Not having meat will improve your digestive system within weeks. Have various seeds and nuts, filled with protein and vitamins at every meal. You may also get a dairy free protein powder to meet your protein requirement

Stand for your Beliefs: Many people say that they love animals and then go to a restaurant and order animal flesh to be served on a platter. There is a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed here. The consumers of meat and dairy products do not get to see the inhumane torture these animals encounter. If you call yourself an animal lover, it is time to act accordingly. Not only should you stop consuming meat, dairy products and honey, but you must also actively stage protests to spread awareness among the mass. 

There are many ways you can act independently to bring an active change. Sign up for a local animal shelter and vegan groups to be part of a movement. Share Instagram post and stories about your favorite vegan meal and let everyone see how yummy vegan food really looks. People, in general, should learn that veganism is not synonymous with deprivation; you are not giving up anything essential to your existence but are gaining a new perspective on life.

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