Why Are PricePro Pharmacy Drug Prices so Much Lower, and How Can I Get Them Even Lower Still?

Medications are expensive in the United States. There are a host of reasons for this, many of which are rather complicated and very deeply political. We’re not a political blog, and I’m certainly not a political scientist, if you’re interested in that aspect, it’s very easy to find legitimately impartial analyses of that aspect online with a very simple search.

What I find more intriguing is the more practical aspect of why medications cost so much here. What is that? Well, most medications are manufactured on entirely other continents, and have to be imported by the pharmaceutical companies here. This is unavoidable, those places have the infrastructure for this, and we just don’t. The cost of implementing that manufacturing infrastructure locally would be insurmountable, and you really don’t want to suggest that as a solution to this.

When importing medications like this, there’s also a lot of inspection, control and testing the has to be put in place to ensure the safety of American citizens when using these products. This also increases the price, and again, you want this regulation and inspection to be a thing!

So, that explains why prices are high here, but why are PricePro Pharmacy drug prices cheaper? After all, Canada has to import their medications too, right?

Well, it all comes down to how the costs are offset. Something smart that Canada does is kind of hiding the cost of their medications from their citizens in a sense. It looks like they’re paying a lot less, because the shelf price for medication is a lot cheaper. In some cases, it does wind up being legitimately much cheaper for the needy are citizens of the country, but for the people at large, these prices are really any lower. Their taxes cover the offset, so they’re paying just about as much as you are in the long run. Somewhat speculate that they may be paying more in cases where a particular citizen barely ever needs any medication.

However, you have a unique opportunity as an American, that being that you are not part of their tax system. Thus, you can get these medications at their retail value in Canada, with a tiny markup for import tax, and not have to be balanced out by the taxes Canadians are paying.

Many people question the legality of this, but I can assure you that it absolutely is legal. It would actually be a violation of several treaties and agreements for the US government to prevent you from importing medications, so as long as it’s FDA approved and not one of the nastier controlled substances, there’s nothing stopping you.

Getting Them Even Cheaper

When looking at PricePro Pharmacy drug prices, you’ll often see links suggesting generic alternatives for the medications you’re interested in. Well, those generics are identical to brand-name medications, with the exception of minor changes in cosmetics and naming. There literally the same darn thing, and much cheaper.

Thus, you can go from a 10% savings through the Canadian pharmacy, to upwards of 50% by combining this with generic purchases. Hopefully, this is clear some things up and giving you some hope that your medications will cost you an arm and leg in the near future! Happy hunting.

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