Fallout 4 Companion- Who Is The Best Companion In Fallout 4

Naturally, Nick Valentine is the best companion. His disposition is a fantastic match for his flair for investigative work, and he looks reminiscent of classic science fiction. In addition, Nick is an outstanding live example of synthesizing several musical styles. 

In this article, I will discuss who is the best companion in fallout 4. In addition, we offer you the top companions in Fallout 4 and rate them. So let’s get right into the discussion, shall we?

Fallout 4 Best Companion

Fallout has always emphasized companions. Fallout 4 has many companions for outgoing players without the Lone Wanderer perk. However, choosing a buddy might be difficult due to their diversity. 

The finest companions in Fallout 4 are discussed here.

1. Codsworth

Codsworth’s personality and power may not be popular, but they’re worth it. Sole Survivor may buy it early in the game. This metal person is helpful in close combat. This robot’s flamer and buzz-saw kill low-level adversaries.

2. Hancock

Hancock is next. He’s an old Ghoul turned buddy when the bomb went off. This guy’s charm is rising from his appearance and game design/backstory. He’s no surprise Goodneighbor’s ghoul mayor.

3. Deacon

Deacon is a good human friend if your character doesn’t like robots or ghouls. If you’ve met him in the Railroad faction, you may know he’s a spy. The Railroad has been watching the Sole Survivor closely.

4. Dogmeat

Who Is The Best Companion In Fallout 4

Dogmeat is another sneaky companion in Fallout 4. Dogs may be the game’s most excellent and neutral companions. Sole Survivor’s first genuine buddy is Dogmeat, who smiles at him.

5. Automation

You can even build your robot friend. Fallout 4 Automatron DLC highlights neon Boston and lets players create robots for warfare. It uses Robotics Experts, Hacker, Gun Nut, and Science, but they all contribute to your robot buddy.

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6. Ada

After the first Automatron DLC adventure, players will encounter Ada. Ada is a humanoid assault on with superior intelligence.

7. Piper

Everyone wants Piper as a friend, a companion upon initial encounter. Piper is a Diamond City reporter with a harsh Fallout past. He’ll be at the City Gates.

8. Old Longfellow

Old Longfellow is a significant Fallout 4 friend. Additionally, this older man is a Fallout 4 Far Harbor friend. It indicates this Fallout 4 companion will be accessible to mid-level players, which is a reasonable requirement.

9. X6-88

In real life and Fallout 4, x6-88 is a tricky name to hear. But, X6-88 is the finest buddy, giving excellent perks and carrying other stuff. The Institute’s synth human X6-88.

10. Porter Gage

Porter Gage is Fallout 4’s greatest Nuka World buddy. Porter Gage is another great ally. He’s a raider and a player vendor. Connor, the Harvestor’s right-hand guy. His leader betrayed Gage and was expelled from the raiders gang.

11. Cait

Cait is one of Fallout’s greatest female allies. Her past and drug use significantly affect her life, and she often discusses it. The player’s actions and speech choices may help her become a proficient companion.

Who Is The Best Companion In Fallout 4

MacCready is another hired shooter who keeps quiet. However, MacCready has expertise in killing adversaries and penetrating buildings as a mercenary and gunner. He’s a great friend of Sole Survivor.

12. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is the last Minuteman in Commonwealth who will do anything for peace. He’s one of Fallout 4’s greatest Minutemen allies.

Unfortunately, many players don’t realize he’s the first buddy they encounter since he’s an early NPC.

13. Paladin Danse

The Paladin Danse is the most incredible and most devoted friend that will battle by your side. She is at the top of the list.

He belongs to the Brotherhood of Steel and is one of its members. But when it comes to protecting himself and destroying adversaries, you could find him wearing his Power armor, transforming him into a juggernaut for his foes.

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14. Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is yet another playable partner; however, you won’t be able to meet him since the game’s primary objective is to save him.

He is a human version of a noir synth, and he has a distinct point of view. In fact, a private investigator can work around stealth tasks with ease, such as breaking into terminals and picking locks. In addition, he can hack the terminals, allowing you to access some of the mysteries hidden across the Commonwealth readily.

15. Strong

In every sense of the word, Strong lives up to its name. Although the appearance of the older man may put you off, he is the most potent super-mutant friend you can get in Fallout 4.

Who Is The Best Companion In Fallout 4

Strong is the exception to the rule regarding super-mutants since he is pretty helpful to players and will aid them in completing several objectives.

16. Curie

Curie is a fantastic companion that you may get in Fallout 4, and she is not the least of the game’s perks. In the beginning, you will only encounter Mr. Handy’s version of Curie, which has female programming. Curie, an acronym for “Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer,” refers to the device in its most basic form as a domestic robot.


1. Who is the strongest Fallout 4 companion?

The handy form once you transfer her consciousness into a synthetic body; however, she transforms into the most powerful companion in the game, with the most durable health pools and the highest damage outputs. Unfortunately, in battle, she is of little help.

2. Why is Nick Valentine the best companion?

Nick Valentine’s disposition is a fantastic match for his flair for investigative work, and he has a look reminiscent of classic science fiction. In addition, Nick is an outstanding live example of synthesizing several musical styles.

Finally, he is a gaming buddy because he is an absolute one-of-a-kind personality without equality in the gaming industry.

3. Which companion has the best perk in Fallout 4?

Nick Valentine has the best perk in Fallout 4.

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