Where Is Diamond City Fallout 4?

In 2287, in the Fens section of Boston, there was a walled city known as Diamond City, also called the “Great Green Jewel.” It’s part of the historic pre-war baseball park Fenway Park.

The Commonwealth is home to a major urban hub known as Diamond City. West of Police Precinct 8 and south of The Wreck of the USS Riptide.

Diamond City Fallout 4

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1. Background

Diamond City was formed in Fenway Park, home of the “swatting sultans.” The left-field Wall’s green tint earned the moniker “Green Monster.”

It’s the most wealthy community in the Commonwealth, with its police department, public school, significant agriculture and industry, and economic impact throughout the area.

Diamond City Radio is a symbol of the Commonwealth’s riches and power. Yet, it’s still a shantytown within a baseball stadium, depicting humanity’s battle for existence in 2287 and the difficulty of reclaiming Boston. Diamond City is a refuge during Boston’s reclaiming.

2. Post-War events

Since World War II, the stadium and its people have seen several changes. The Commonwealth Minutemen rose to fame after defending the city from super monsters in 2180. However, in 2229, the Broken Mask event had a far greater effect.

Where is diamond city fallout 4?

Mr. Carter shot and killed three people at a Diamond City pub. After security killed him, his remnants indicated he was a synth. This one episode sparked anxiety about the Institute and its abductions. Frequent and unexplained disappearances have exacerbated panic since the occurrence.

3. Society

Diamond City is separated between the Lower Fields and the Upper Stands, formerly the stadium seating. The former are the city’s laborers, artisans, farmers, and other workers, while the latter manages the city’s riches. McDonough preferred the city’s aristocracy, who wanted the ghouls gone to enhance their view.

4. Layout

The affluent and powerful live in the Upper Stands, while the housed and unhoused live in the Lower Fields. The southwest stairs lead to the city’s central market. First Street to the south, Second Street to the east, Third Street to the north, and Home Street to the west surround the market.

North of Third Street, the poorest residents sleep in shelters and grow a few crops (fruit and tato plants). Beyond these shelters are an outdoor theatre, brahmin pen, and a wider agricultural field. Sheng Kawolski sells municipal water from a tiny irradiated lake east of Second Street.

Small and large crop fields, the greenhouse, and vendors sell food. Vendors sell purified water. Markets have conventional crafting stations. Rent a bed at the Dugout Inn or acquire entrance to Home Plate or Kellogg’s residence.

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5. Buildings

Abbot’s houseDoc Crocker’s house
Power NoodlesSwatters
Diamond City marketMega surgery center
Cooke residenceKathy & John’s Super Salon
Colonial TaphouseFallon’s Basement
Codman residenceDiamond City Surplus
Choice ChopsMega surgery center

6. Inhabitants

  • Companions
  1. Nick Valentine
  2. Piper Wright
  • Residents
  1. Abbot
  2. Cathy
  3. Doctor Sun
  4. Erin Reische
  5. Geneva
  6. Henry Cooke
  7. John
  8. Kyle

7. Notable Loot

  • The city has nine Nuka-Cola Quantums.
  • The city has eight Nuka-Cherries.
  • The city has three Join the Railroad holotypes.
  • Gwinnett ale holotape subroutines
  • RobCo’s Zeta Invaders holotype
  • Live & Love issue #9 near the first-floor mattresses.
  • Mini nuke – On a table near the bed in Arturo’s residence at Commonwealth Weaponry.
  • Arturo Rodriguez sells the Big Boy Fat Man.
  • Arturo Rodriguez sells Old Faithful, a laser gun.
  • Arturo Rodriguez sells armor.
  • Moe Cronin’s Rockville Slugger.
  • Becky Fallon sold Champion’s chest and right arm.
  • Becky Fallon sells Hazmat suits.
  • Myrna or Percy sell Wastelander’s chest piece.
  • Geneva’s outfit
  • Piper Wright’s red leather trench and press hat.

8. Notes

  • First-time visitors to Diamond City hear Mayor McDonough announce “I am NOT a synth” and admire the Wall.
  • The entrance gate stays up when Jewel of the Commonwealth is completed.
  • If the Sole Survivor completes a major faction’s primary quest line, the city’s flags will be changed, and members of that faction will roam the city.
  • If you choose the Institute ending, you’ll find Gen 1 synthesizers. 
  • The market is adorned for Halloween and Christmas in-game.
  • Home plate, first base, second base, and third base are marked with tally markings in Diamond City; security will urge the Sole Survivor to run the bases.
  • Climbing the half-collapsed structure outside Diamond City’s northwest corner and utilizing a jet pack to reach the city top reveals a duffel bag and explosives box to the south.
  • A clever young ghoul encountered during Kid in a Fridge, Hancock or Billy Peabody may enter Diamond City.
  • A newspaper story on a terminal in the Boston Bugle building says the club will play World Series Game 7 on October 23, 2077, the day of the Great War.

9. Companion Comments

Where is diamond city fallout 4?

When in this area, partners are likely to make observations.

9. Appearances

Diamond City is only seen in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter Online; nevertheless, it is referenced in Zoe’s journal in the Automatron add-on and by Lizzie Wyeth in the Nuka-World add-on. 

10. Behind The Scenes

  1. Fenway Park inspired Diamond City. The Wall is modeled on the 37-foot (11.33-meter) left-field wall at Fenway Park. Real-world Fenway Park has a Coca-Cola sign in the same place and style as the game’s Nuka-Cola sign. 
  2. Nathan Purkeypile developed diamond City’s layout, lighting, and cluttering.
  3. It was the first place he worked on for the game since the makers knew they needed recognizable stadium lights and that the primary mission would use the stadium as a “beacon” to assist the player traversing Boston. 

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  • PS4- When taking the external lift from the mayor’s office and pressing the second button before the elevator reaches the bottom, the guard rail will stretch as if the player were to depart.
  • PS4/PC- Any objects in mailboxes, including those outside the Sole Survivor’s home, will be listed as owned. 
  • PS4 XBO- Two Triggermen, may spawn in Diamond City after finishing Unlikely Valentine. Diamond City’s citizens will assault mobsters. No solution exists. 


1. How do I get to Diamond City in Fallout 4?

Keep right to head west. Follow the left stadium wall as it turns south. Diamond City graffiti isn’t hard to discover. South beneath the road’s high scaffolding.

2. Where is Diamond City located?

The portion of the Commonwealth known as Diamond City is a city location that can be found in the middle of the region. It is situated west of Police Precinct 8 and south of The Wreck of the USS Riptide.

3. What city is Diamond City in Fallout 4?

Diamond City is a fictitious location that serves as the backdrop for the WarioWare, Inc. video game series. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, referred to as “The Diamond City,” is the city in question.

4. What settlement is closest to Diamond City?

After the raiders have been cleared out of the area, the player character will be allowed to settle in Hangman’s Alley. This location is the player character settlement that is located the closest to Diamond City.

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