What Is The Qualifying Criteria for A Heart Transplant?


For receiving a Heart Transplant in India, a patient has to satisfy multiple criteria. It helps to ensure that the patient really needs the heart transplant, and there is no other way of healing the heart disorder. A Heart Transplant in India provides an effective cure to patients suffering from end-stage heart disorders. However, the doctors perform this treatment only for those who cannot recover without the replacement, as the number of donors are limited.

We already lack behind when we talk about the demand and the supply. Demand is much higher than the availability of the organs. Most of the patients have to face fatal consequences because of the inability to get the legible organ.

Let us check what are the necessary requirement to avail a heart transplant. 

Eligibility Criteria For Patients to Avail Heart Transplant Surgery in India:

  • To undergo a heart transplant, a patient should fulfil below-mentioned criteria.
  • Be less than 69 years of age
  • Have diagnosed with the last stage heart disease
  • The prognosis must reflect a clear risk to life without a heart transplant
  • He or she must stop the intake of tobacco and alcohol before three months of the heart transplant and must not even start it after the operation to avoid the complications
  • There must not be any organ impairment other than the impairment in the heart, else there are high chances of complexity, and the surgeons will not proceed with the transplant.
  • Doctors do not perform heart transplantation on the patients who have cancer or any other infection or any other health disorder that affects the blood circulation in the brain or the legs
  • Apart from physical fitness, a patient must be psychologically stable. He or she might possess the ability to understand the risks and requirements of the heart transplantation.
  • The patient shall not be medically obese to undergo heart transplant surgery.
  • He or she must have enough financial and emotional support to avail the treatment
  • The patient must be ready to adapt to changes necessary for the recovery after the surgery. It includes changes in the daily routine, diet and making exercise the part of your regular life

If the patient satisfies above eligibility criteria, then the doctor considers them for the heart transplant procedure. The patients travelling to India for heart transplantation have the added benefits of saving their expenses.

It is because of the Heart Transplant Surgery India Low Cost. One can receive the best-in-class treatment at approximately one-fourth the price of treatment in other countries.

Final Words:

If you are one of the candidates who require heart transplantation then India is the best choice for you to plan your surgery. As you can get satisfactory treatment at an affordable cost. As the cardiologists and surgeons here are extra attentive towards the safety of the patient, so there are rarest chances of facing any complications after the treatment. If we consider the results of past decade, the success of the surgery is above 95 %. 

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