What Is Rapidleech? A Simple Guide

[su_dropcap style=”flat” size=”5″]R[/su_dropcap]apidleech is a server that is free and you can use it to upload or download various popular sites. It has a fast server connection speed which produces a satisfactory result. There are some sites that you can easily reach using this server are Rapidshare, Depositfiles.com, Megaupload, Easy-share.com etcetera.

Fun Facts About Rapidleech:

In this article, we will talk about various fun facts about this particular server and some information to guard you so that you can use it perfectly.

  • It has been notified that it has been used by more than five million users and has been used to download more than two thousand servers.it serves the purpose perfectly.
  • Some of the servers are very hard to reach and it helps the users to reach those websites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles.com, Easy-share.com etcetera
  • Rapidleech is very convenient. The script is very easy to use and install. This is very easy to use and can be referred to one another.
  • For example, you can lend your Rapidleech to others and the person can use it to download and surf sites
  • The installation is very easy and needs no database to download or install this.
  • Rapidleech is used to download easily from the blocked site. It makes the process very easy. As this is a script which will make the process easier.
  • As the site is a script so the PHP helps in leeching the file for you whether the file is on a blocked site. The fast connection works like a charm.
  • As the PHP helps in leeching the files and has a speed server, hence the name Rapidleech. It is not very known to many people but whoever knows it, swears by it.
  • By using PHP, this software implements a leaching system and downloading the files and contents from a blocked site and even upload the files easily.
  • In Rapidleech, leeching stands for extracting a file from a server and uploading it on another. It is a file transfer server.

How To Use Rapidleech:

What Is Rapidleech? A Simple Guide
What Is Rapidleech? A Simple Guide

It is very easy to use Rapidleech. The process to install and upload is so manageable to do so. Here we will talk about how to use this.

  • This does not need any premium account to work if you download this. You can do it perfectly on your own. All you have to do is download files that host on rapidshare.com and extract the files.
  • One can use it in two ways. You can directly use and install this on your webserver to have a more convenient result.
  • Another method is to use premium or free Rapidleech servers. See if someone is ready to share his or her server with you. There are many people who are lending their servers for cash.
  • Once you download or have lent the server, you have to download the files to the server which helps in compressing, splitting or encrypting the files using RAR
  • The result is incredibly exceptional as the leaching procedure is completed at a very high speed. Most servers do not get blocked by firewalls which makes it more effective.

How To Install Rapidleech:

It is not very tough to install Rapidleech. You have to understand certain facts and if you follow the steps mentioned here then it will be fine.

  1. First and foremost you have to download Rapidleech.
  2. After the Rapidleech has been downloaded, make sure that you download Filezilla and install this on your computer or laptop.
  3. After installing FileZilla, make sure you open it and launch the software. Once, you have successfully launched it, you can simply click the on-site manager.
  4. After clicking on the site manager, you will get to see an option for creating a new site.
  5. Here you have to carefully enter the FTP details and make sure after entering the details, you connect it.
  6. After the connection has been established in, make sure you Transfer the Rapid leech file to the public_html folder.
  7. Rename the folder if you wish.
  8. After this, open the Rapidleech folder and click the right button on the files folder so that you can change the permission of the software.
  9. After the settings are all manufactured, you can go to your home page.
  10. All these steps lead to one thing only and that is that your rapidleech is live and ready to work.

The above-mentioned process is for those who want to install this on their web hosting server. In order to get a Rapidleech hosting, you can just search on google.

Installing and getting this hosting server is different. It does the same work but the mechanism is different. You will find various options like premium or free servers.

Here are some of the best servers which you start your journey with. www.premiumleecher.com, www.prohosterz.com. fastrapidleech will also give you a satisfactory result.

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