In What Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain ?

As a anime lover myself, I have always reminisced about What episode is Naruto vs Pain? And as I believe personally that Pain vs. Naruto episode is one of the finest anime battle sequences in the series, if not all of anime history.

Many individuals are searching the internet for solutions to the Pain narrative arc and the numerous events in Naruto! Naruto and Pain’s battle began in episode 163, “Explosion! sage style,” and concluded with episode 169, “The Two Students.”

The entire combat lasted six episodes and is a major highlight of the programme, ranking among the finest in the Naruto franchise. It was also the point at which the audience saw the strength of the Perfect Toad Sage Mode.

In Naruto vs Pain episode, Naruto defeated Pain without a doubt, however this entailed many additional happenings in the anime that altered the storyline in several ways. Keep tuned because we will present you with all of the details on the Naruto episode vs Pain fight in this article. Not only that, but we’ll go through all the important events but also what episode is the Pain Arc? 

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Episode Details 

what episode does naruto fight pain

Naruto fighting Pain episode is not just between two formidable personalities, but also between two ideas. However, the fight is not the most important element of this arc; rather, it is how Nagato manages to reconcile with Naruto and resurrect everyone, even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Naruto deservedly defeated Pain, owing in part to the frogs, the newly learned sage mode, the might of the nine-tail fox, and his brains. Naruto conquered all six avenues of Pain and then went in search of Nagato (the real Pain). Without further ado let’s get into the details of how and When does pain fight Naruto?

Episode Summary

what episode does naruto fight pain

  • Naruto enters the Hidden Leaf Village but is unfamiliar with his surroundings. He is unable to perceive the Chakra of many people he cares about, including his master Kakashi Hatake.
  • Naruto realises that Pain is to blame for the village’s devastation and confronts him. Tsunade, the Hokage, steps in and declares it is her responsibility to safeguard the community. Nonetheless, it is clear that she is unable to walk since she is curing the entire hamlet.
  • Naruto instructs Gamakichi to transport Tsunade to a secure location. He then confronts Pain and knocks him unconscious. Ko Hyuga, a member of the Hyuga clan, uses his Byakugan to inform Sakura about the entire incident, including his knocking out Pain.
  • Pain then summons monsters to fight Naruto via the Animal Path. Naruto assists the Toads in their struggle against the Animal Path summons. Pain observes that Naruto, like their master, has mastered Sage Mode.
  • Naruto is taken aback to learn that Pain was also Jiraiya’s pupil. Pain insists that he give up his life to maintain more harmony, as his master would have desired, for this planet was always meant to suffer. Naruto is enraged by Pain’s deceit, pointing out how he professed to seek for peace but that everything he has done so far, including burning the leaf, has been the opposite of peace.
  • Naruto then raises his hand to produce a Rasenshuriken. Ko Hyuga alerts Sakura, who was aware of Naruto’s vulnerability to this Jutsu. Naruto then launches the Rasenshuriken towards the opponents, much to everyone’s amazement.

Episode Highlights

Naruto makes his way to the Hidden Leaf, stronger than ever. He has a new appearance, and his eyes are as flawless as Sage Mode eyes can be. He’s wrapped in a cloak and a Summoning Scroll, giving him a new sense of adulthood.

He is accompanied by toads, huge ones at that. Naruto is shown standing on top of a toad, which is on top of another toad. All of these toads are well-known Mount Myoboku fighters.


Q1. In which episode does Naruto defeat Pain?
Ans. 168th Episode completely reseals the Nine-Tails before fading. Naruto returns to normalcy and enters Sage Mode. He then goes to battle Pain. Naruto eventually defeats Pain after a long battle.

Q2. How did Naruto defeat Pain?
Ans. Naruto overcomes Pain with his final Rasengan, removing his Chakra Receivers before travelling to Nagato’s location, telling Katsuya not to follow while Sakura heals Hinata.

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