Weed, for both medical and recreational usage, is legal throughout Washington. Weed used for medicinal purposes is available at any Washington DC dispensary, but weed utilized for recreational purposes has quite a history. Marijuana for fun was not always legal until they passed Initiative 71 in the year 2014. This initiative legalized the use of marijuana in Washington.

  • According to the initiative, anyone above the age of 21 can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. A person may legally purchase marijuana from a dispensary in DC if the person is above 21 years of age.
  • They may also furnish only 1 ounce to another person, but they must not sell it.
  • This initiative further allows any adult to grow weed on their property but only for medicinal purposes.

Using weed to prepare delicious food

Just smoking marijuana may sound like a boring thing. Therefore, over time, people came up with various mouth-watering weed recipes. Since marijuana is an oil-based herb, it is suited for making different food items. This article will primarily discuss the three most sorted after weed edibles that go on to create more wonders.

1. Cannabutter: It is easy to make, and people take it with bread or other bakery items. It is made by infusing the weed into butter and slowly boiling it at a low temperature. People add it with meat and vegetables to give it an extra luscious taste.

  • Using cannabutter instead of regular butter in blazed buffalo wings is the best idea for party food.
  • New Englanders’ favorite recipe of the lobster mac and cheese bites is also cooked with cannabutter to produce an intoxicating flavor.

2. Canna oil: Another great way to use weed in food is by infusing it into vegetable oil. The preparation of canna oil is similar to that of cannabutter. It is also made by heating any vegetable oil such as coconut oil or olive oil along with the weed in it. This oil is the best option for vegans to make marijuana flavored food.

  • The famous Los Angeles recipe, weed flavored mini fish tacos, has canna-oil in it.
  • Vegan fettuccine Alfredo sauce is also prepared by using canna oil.

3.  Canna peanut butter: Weed peanut butter requires both cannabutter and canna-oil for preparation. The only step in this recipe is to grind the peanuts and add the psychedelics. One may also further customize the delicacy by adding salt or honey.

  • The canna peanut butter is needed in making the ultimate marijuana fudge. It is the best dessert for vegans and perfect for weed-foodies.
  • Using the canna peanut butter in sandwiches instead of regular butter is a great option to transform a simple recipe into a fancy one.

People have been using marijuana with food since time immemorial. If taken regularly, it is helpful for the body as well. Taking weed with food instead of smoking is a great way to receive its nutritional value. It is, however, important to be mindful of eating too much of marijuana-infused food or before offering the same to others.

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