Those ads which showcase sleek, smooth and shiny hair are enviable. We all want it but do not want to go through that trouble. Moreover, we do not want to harm our hair with such products. So why does frizzy hair happen? The most common and predictable, high humidity. Humidity makes your hair cuticles rise and boom your perfectly straightened and styled hair is all back to its frizzy glory. But don’t jump yet, even extremely dry weathers cause your hair to be frizzy. Why you ask? Dry weather causes static electricity, which makes your hair seem like grass in dry season. Static electricity makes your hair stand up, hence making it frizzy or get rid of scalps scabs

We have listed down some of the ways to avoid frizzy hair.


Shampoos and conditioners should be chosen with care. Overdoing your washing routine is a big NO. You can always reduce your washing frequency as much as possible. Cutting out sulfate ridden shampoos and conditioners actually helpful for you because these dry out your hair and make them frizzy. You can always use a styling foam, which is light weight and easy on the hair. Paul Mitchell sculpting foamis one of the best foams available.


That vigorous scrubbing of the hair, right after you wash your hair with your towel causes your hair to have static and also make your hair more susceptible to split ends. Instead use micro-fiber towels which are static-resistant and help your hair be protected from roughness. Also, stop rubbing your hair with your towels.


Dry hair makes your hair frizzy. Dehydration of hair is a real issue. To counter this hair conditioning hair packs, help. They restore the hair’s moisture and shine along with making your hair softer. Hair conditioning packs make your hair easier to detangle. Use hair masks to help your hair be more suitable to be styled.


Silk Pillowcases are a better because they make sure your hair isn’t stripped of their moisture and make sure that you have static-free hair. Silk pillowcases even make sure your hair doesn’t break. Cotton pillowcases have your hair strands get caught in them and break them.


Hair tools, they are the bane of our existence. Cannot live with them, cannot live without them. You would want to straighten your hair, blow dry them or even curl them, but the heat damages your hair. Hair tools have to used mindfully and sparingly. You should always make sure you put a heat protectant on it before you use these tools on it. Try for styles that are dynamic. For example, make loose curls, the next day brush them and shake them up. You can also braid your hair or put it up in a messy bun. Give your hair some rest. You can lock in some of these hairstyles by using the Paul Mitchell twirl around


We cannot stress this enough whatever you decide to do to your hair, protect your hair with a heat protectant oil or spray. This reduces the chances of your hair becoming frayed and split in the process of styling. These sprays and oils make sure your hair has locked in moisture while protecting your hair. To add extra moisture and another layer of protection use the Paul Mitchell sculpting foam it will help your hair.


Hair smoothing products are a boon. You can just put some as you towel dry your hair with a micro-fiber towel. This helps keep frizz in check and also makes sure you have some extra conditioning in your hair. This also acts as a leave-in conditioner, so two birds with one stone!


Products which fight humidity are a must have in your kitty. This allows your hair to retain the style and not attract the humidity that is around you. An anti-humidity spray also allows your hair to have some extra volume. You can always use some Paul Mitchell twirl around to add to your hairstyle.

Your frizz can be battled with ample amount of water intake as well, but in the end if you have frizzy hair, you have to manage it no matter what. Cosmetize has all the products you need.

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