Get a glance to few of the great Wayback Machine Alternative Websites

Wayback Machine is among the best websites for internet archive Wayback machine alternative that millions of people use now. To generate business strategies as well as understand the competitors, several firms depend on this. The Wayback Machine can allow anyone to see the history and development of a cached website.

It can be used in numerous ways, some of which include comprehending the growth of competitors, accessing removed information as well as accessing content from a down site. It is essential to have access to a Way back Machine all of the time since it is used in situations. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% assurance that even a site will not be down, so you need to plan for it. There are many pimpandhost internet archive Wayback machines available.

Best Wayback Machine Alternative

Some of the way websites like Wayback machine alternatives are as follows:- 

  1. – Google Web Temp seems to be Google’s actual techno-giant website. Google’s internet cache was Google’s web archiving method. 

  • Google Chrome is used by most people around the globe, in which Google was the default browser. 
  • Google will, therefore, find it very easy to temp folder any website in its server. 
  • Internet Archiving involves desktop browsers, and also mobile applications. Know it from the mouth of the horse, how google stash can be used. You could use CachedView’s alternatives for Google Internet Cache, Cache as well as Live Version. It is one of the best sites, like wayback machine alternatives.
  1. does have a database in over 250 million site screenshots, which again is a portion of, yet it offers the benefit of a Domain Tools API, which provides you a better insight into a site’s history – including when the domain of a site was already subscribed and how many times ownership may have changed. 

  • URL thumbnails of the  screenshots 
  • Its only capture  to the homepage
  • Captures adds & pictures, not page source codes
  • Using Domain Tool API
  1. Webcite Archive

WebCite Archive allows you to archive the live URL instantly. This tool enables you to archive secure web page variants such as Wiki, Blogs, PDF, as well as other documents. 

  • This web archives all webpage information, along with any image/file types, unlike many other tools. 
  • If you’re already saving the site you were trying to archive throughout the database, a URL to an already archived page will be developed.

With a link to an archive, the provider sends you a mail so that you can express with other people.

  1. iTools

iTools is yet another tool for archiving web pages. One thing that makes it distinct from other tools is that from their home page you can’t view the archives.

It is one of the alternatives to the wayback machine tool, utilizes the Alexa directory. Because it has data on database traffic as well as popularity, it has the skills to help you discover your competition.


  • Using the Alexa database
  •  Displays all relevant domain data
  • Ability to the track domains   traffic and popularity

Other Tools

Any other tools that can find helpful although they will  not rank high enough to the complete as Wayback Options involve:

  • Actiance
  • RessurectPages
  • PageFreezer
  • Stillio

The reason I do not see these archiving techniques as powerful options to Wayback Machine is that they can allow you to look into the past after setting it up to start monitoring the website.

  1. is yet another nice Wayback Machine option and probably better to most individuals than screenshots. That’s not one of most attractive or simple to navigate sites, but it is made up by its database as well as archiving techniques. 

  • can allow you both to browse for the history of the website and also to end up taking a screenshot of every on-demand realm that will be rescued for all to see.
  •  This makes getting all of the details about such a website, along with data or graphical details, a perfect solution. 
  • archives a site on request or a specific website’s intensity of operations. While archiving, this will take a similar screenshot as well as website code. It does not send stalkers to archive webpages, however, except Wayback Machine. It means that a site cannot stop to use a robot.txt document from archiving

When there is a website which may block Wayback Machine from crawling the website, you must opt for a look at

  1. Webcite

Webcite stands out from the Wayback Machine by offering what kind of particular screenshots of author-cited links required by authors, editors, and publishers. It’s crude ‘ method in archiving through Google, as well as, affects their ability to do just that.

  •  Archives the mentioned website, HTML and all linked images as well as records
  • Clunky interface
  •  Functionality that is best suited of writers and publishers ‘ requires
  1. DomainTools

DomainTools provides a full review of a URL throughout the search field that you joined. Besides all the specifics of a domain it offers, it will provide the site’s screenshot past. Besides the domain history and politics of a screenshot, it will provide the site’s hosting past. Screen shot-based web archive is among DomainTools ‘ extra services. It thus made its way onto Wayback’s best machine solutions list.

  1. Memento TimeTravel

Memento TimeTravel was created using the Archive. Is API and therefore can be seen as an upgraded archived version. It offers web users with simple-to-use functionality. It offers memento for different internet records. These archives were updated frequently. We may select the choice of internet archives and approach them on

  1. PageFreezer – 

A crawling technology being used in Page freezer same as Google. The working is based on an automated process to have the screenshots. There is no need for the installation of any software. Legal Evidence, Live Browsing, web page comparison, Digital signature, and data export are some of the main features of PageFreezer. The main function is to protect your website records.

  1. Stillio Automatic Screenshots

It is one of the automatic web page screenshot. It seems to be same as PageFreezer. The main features are competition tracking, website archiving, content verification, SEO tracking, trend tracking, and website compliance. Functioning is very easy and simple. It follows just three steps Archive, capture and after that, you need to share the screenshots the moment you find any change.


Thus the internet archive Wayback pimpandhost alternatives are best website archive which can be used very easily if Wayback machine is down. Experts suggest and Cached View as one of the best Wayback machine alternatives. Thus you can choose anyone according to your requirement.

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