Vaping Vs. Smoking Weed: What Are the Differences Between These Two Cannabis Methods?

There are many differences between vaporizing and smoking cannabis. While scientists have yet to discover conclusive proof that cannabis smoke contributes to upper respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, smoking may irritate the fragile tissues of the mouth, throat, and lungs. This irritation is mainly caused by high temperatures in conjunction with burning embers, and tar inhaled right into the body. Vaporization might not eliminate some of the irritation or harshness caused by heat, but it certainly can decrease the plant particles and burning embers you inhale. Here are 4 main differences between vaporizing and smoking cannabis:

There are lower temperatures

Once you spark up plant material, you’ll combust the material that creates smoke. Vaporization will work differently. Vaporizers are instruments that heat cannabis oils or flowers at low temperatures to melt fatty cannabis oils and resins without burning plant material.

When melted, those resins change from their solid form to a sort of steam. That steam is the vapour exhaled after using vaporizers in vape carts. Heating at reduced temperatures has many benefits. But when buying a vaporizer, it’s vital to choose an instrument that enables temperature customization.

Vaporizers heating above 445°F will combust the cannabis material. At that temperature, a vaporizer isn’t any different from a high-tech smoking instrument. The most common vaporization temperature range is from 330 and 370°F. At that range, people using vape carts will probably receive a moderately visible vapour that avoids burning plant embers and offers a relatively rich experience.

Greater cannabinoid efficiency with vape carts

Do you enjoy wasting cannabis? This is one other, frequently overlooked factor in smoking vs vaping cannabis in vape carts. As you are smoking, you instantly kill 50% of the cannabinoids upon combustion. You’ll lose an additional 15 to 20% of those medical compounds because of smoke burn off. That is a low-efficiency rate. 

There are different flavours

Did you have any idea that various cannabis flavours are expressed once exposed to different temperatures? Cannabis plants receive their one-of-a-kind aroma from molecules referred to as terpenes. They’re natural aroma chemicals discovered in plant resins, and they additionally affect how different varieties make you feel.

Various terpenes have various boiling points. That means that once heated to a low temperature, some aromas and flavours are more likely to be expressed than once heated to a high temperature. Changing the temperature on a vaporizer in vape carts will enable you to fine-tune your experience.

There is a customizable experience

One other big difference between vaporization and smoking is the capability of better customizing your cannabis experience. That involves changing the vaporization temperature of your cannabis. Not only will various temperature settings expel multiple tastes and scents from the cannabis, but the quantity of heat used will also assist in determining how strongly you will feel the psychoactive effects of the product.

Once vaporizing, sticking with low temperatures will help avoid irritating lung, throat, and mouth tissues. The only way to adjust the vaporization temperature of your cannabis is if you have a vaping instrument that enables temperature control.

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