Uptown’s Natural Italian Seitan Review

I found Uptown’s Natural Italian Seitan at a local health food store this past September. Seitan is a popular meat alternative because when cooked it has much the same texture and look of meat. Seitan is popular with vegetarians for its high protein level. I’m always on the lookout for options so I decided to make a pasta dish using the seitan.

The pasta dish I made was pretty simple but had a great flavor. I didn’t want to overload the flavor of the seitan so decided on an onion, green pepper and some spaghetti sauce on noodles.


I cut up an onion and green pepper to pan fry with the crumbled seitan.

A quick pan fry and stirred in the spaghetti sauce:

I really liked it and would use it again. Other style are available like bacon and Chorizo. The ingredients are: Vital wheat gluten, whole wheat flour, water, garlic, oregano, sea salt, onion, fennel, black pepper, red pepper and soy sauce. It’s a good alternative to meat and works well in pasta.

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