Types of data entry services

When you start working as a freelance data entry operator, you would be able to get more information regarding the industry. Once you start gaining practical experience in a similar field, it becomes easy for you to understand the tricks that are involved in this particular kind of sector.

When you look at the freelance industry, generally, a lot of people take up the data entry job assignments much frequently than any other sort of freelance assignments. This is mainly because of the number of categories that the online data entry jobs offer to an individual.

Depending upon the interest and also the time that can be dedicated, an individual can make a choice to choose the job out of many data entry jobs. Likewise, when it comes to Data entry services, there are two kinds of categories, and they are online and offline data entry.

There is not much difference between the two; however, when you take up an online data entry job, it is mandatory to have an internet connection. Whereas, in the Offline data entry job, you might work independently of internet service. You can learn more about both these kinds of data entry services from the below section of the article.

  1. Dependant on the nature of the work

When you are working for a business processing outsource unit or a BPO, it is quite natural to handle offline Data entry services. The company would take full responsibility to send all the transcribed files to the client.

They would choose to save it on to a server or to a folder and provide common access to the folder to both the client and the person whom they are working with.

When you are filling online forms, it can be offline. Apart from the form-filling task, digitizing data that involves converting a paper format into digital format can be done offline.

On the other hand, if you’re working on an online data entry activity or an assignment, the client would constantly be sending you the Excel sheet or the Word file that needs to be converted immediately.

  1. Internet connection is required.

Without a proper internet connection, you would not be able to transcribe and respond to the customer immediately. Activities like processing, entering, updating the online database, editing the cells on Microsoft Excel might require online data entry services.

When you’re working on an online data entry assignment, it is going to be highly voluminous when compared to the offline data entry service. You can expect a lot of activities like filling up online forms for an e-commerce website, tracking the data online or images, and also updating the CRMs.

  1. Technical ability and skillset
Types of data entry services
Types of data entry services

When it comes to the technicalities or the skillset, both the online and offline Data entry services are quite similar. Boththe services require a little bit of technical knowledge depending upon the category that you choose, and it is also an added advantage if you know how to work on a computer and other applications and software.

Some of the categories like a word processor and typist data entry jobs require you to have a certain amount of technical skills. In both the Data services, it is important to have good typing speed and accuracy.

  1. Experience

When you choose Data entry services as your job profile, it is important to come with certain experiences.

All the assignments that you get do not expect you to possess high levels of intelligence or a particular qualification. It is important that you have good knowledge of English, typing skills, and also understanding of customer handling skills.

  1. Difficulty

It is completely dependent on one’s skill set when it comes to deciding upon the difficulty of a task in both online and offline services. A majority of the data entry assignments would not be tough; however, it requires a lot of observation and accuracy.

This is common to both the data type services. A majority of the clients might even end up rejecting the payment with the slightest of errors.

  1. Time consumption

Depending upon the volume of the files, a freelancer data entry operator would be expected to stick to the deadline. Some of the data entry jobs require a lot of time because it has to be accurate as the client would not entertain any sort of error when the work is submitted to them.

Especially when you are working on Data Conversion or Filling the excel sheet with the entries given by the client, since the online Data entry services would be more in volume, it is always essential to have proper time management skills in order to deliver to work on time.

These are some of the most important things that you must know about the Data entry services when you start your career as a freelancer at Dormzi for online data entry jobs or any other organization.

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