Top 5 Best Sports for Overall Fitness


Keeping fit equals staying healthy. But when it comes to choosing the best sporting activity for getting in shape, it is imperative to make the right decision from the start. Some sports are ideal for physical fitness whereas others are suitable for keeping fit mentally. Then some sports will improve your overall body fitness. In this post, we focus on the latter

Thus, a question you should ask at this point is, are you ready to get started?  Well, we did some homework on the best sports for overall fitness and sampled the following research-backed findings:

1.     Golfing

Golf is not only a sport with a rich history dating back to many centuries ago but golfing is a great way to get in shape and stay fit, both physically and mentally. If you are looking to take your golf skills to a new level, visit Penina Championship Golf Course for the best experience alongside professional golfers. Golfing is one of the healthiest sporting activities that will keep your mind working hard trying to figure out your next strike.

And, while at it, golfers do walk a lot in the golf course. Walking, you must already know, is a great way to exercise. The benefits range from increased blood flood, improved heart rate and more brain neurons.

2.     Cycling

Another sport that will improve your overall body fitness is cycling. In May or June, when cycling events reach fever pitch around the world, you should consider joining friends on the trail for a lifetime experience. The best part of it is that when you cycle outdoors, deep into the mountains, your cardiovascular system becomes even healthier. There is proof that cycling improves flexibility, brain functioning and muscle strength.

3.     Running/Jogging

You should not take morning jogs/runs for granted, especially if you want to cut weight and increase lung capacity. They are your one-step away from great health and fitness. Running improves mental wellness and psychological wellbeing. Moreover, studies show that regular runners have bigger and stronger bones/muscles.  When you run, the heart rate also improves. People who do not run or jog as ways of exercising lose muscle mass over time.

4.     Basketball

Basket is another sport in which you should partake to improve your overall body fitness and to also stay in great health.  With basketball, you get to cultivate a sharper mental focus and overall mental wellness. Other benefits of playing basketball include improved spatial awareness, improved mental endurance and better coordination. Studies also show that people who play basketball regularly do realize improved cardiovascular wellness and muscle/bone strength. While basketball players do partake in strenuous practices to improve their endurance levels, the sport itself is a great way to exercise to stay in shape and become healthy.

5.     Rowing

Let’s start by saying that rowing is a low-risk sport. Now, onto why it features in this list of the best sports for overall wellness, we would say, the benefits of rowing are numerous. Overweight people are encouraged to row to burn calories and cut weight. Other benefits of rowing include improved mental strength and stronger bones and muscles. Get your paddles ready and get rowing to start reaping maximum health benefits.

Final Thoughts

A befitting exercise routine should keep you in great shape and health. Whether you choose to jog every morning or cycle every evening, the benefits that come with sports are many. Swimming is a sport that relieves stress and burns calories. If your doctor had once mentioned that you should work on improving your lung capacity, he or she must have recommended swimming as the best cardiovascular sport.

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