Day to day dental health problems and their solutions

Dental health is of paramount importance. It is if you wish to enjoy different types of foods and speak properly for a long time in your life. 

Many people face the issues of having a crooked tooth and are advised many types of teeth braces. The recommended types of teeth braces depend on the location of the affected tooth and its severity. 

If you are aware of common dental health issues, it may be easier to prevent them. Read on!

Tooth decay 

Bacteria are responsible for the tooth decay that leads to plaque settling on your teeth. It produces an acidic element that slowly starts eating away tooth and leaves holes. The consumption of sugary and starchy foods is responsible for this.

If you eat healthy foods, then you may keep this dental health issue away. The only solution to this is to save the tooth via repairing and filling. It is to protect the enamel. One can keep off this dental health problem by daily flossing and brushing, and avoiding sugary foods. 

Gum disease

Gum disease happens when an infection occurs due to an over-accumulation of plaque in your mouth. The bacteria start eating the tissues of the gum and ligament holding the tooth. This dental health issue can be solved by maintaining proper dental care.

People with poor dental hygiene and bad flossing and brushing are prone to it. If you think you have any such issues, you should visit your dentist. People who have crooked tooth have to go for different types of teeth braces as per their conditions.   

Tooth infections 

Tooth infections mean a single tooth gets infected so badly that it needs quick treatment. It is also known as a rootcanal treatment (RCT). The nerves and pulp inside the chamber get damaged due to an infection that is untreated.

If there is a crack, deep cavity or fracture, they could be the biggest reason for the tooth infection. Its only solution is opting for the timely rootcanal treatment (RCT). The procedure is a bit complex and takes 3-4 sitting at the clinic of a known dentist. A crown is placed on the tooth to give it an aesthetic look. 

Dry mouth 

Dry mouth stands for the correct medical term – Xerostomia. If there is a lack of saliva in the mouth, then it may lead to dry mouth.  There could be many reasons behind this. But the biggest of them is the side-effects of medicines.

When your mouth is dry, you may run the risk of rusting your teeth and eliminating the moisture. Saliva has a component that breaks down the bacteria and keeps it safe from plaque formation. It is common in old aged people who have dry mouth owing to the loss of saliva.

If not resolved, then this problem can convert into tooth decay and cavities. To avoid dry mouth, you should take fewer medicines. Also, keeping your mouth hydrated by drinking more water could be of help. 

Oral cancers

Oral cancers’ occurrence is fast increasing in people who don’t keep dental health in good shape and smoke regularly. It is a serious complication that has to be solved before spreading

If you experience a pinkish lump inside the mouth, then it could be the beginning of the issue. You should get it examined by a known dentist. The check up needs to be done precisely.

If not, else the danger may lead to an increase in the disease. If you smoke, then you should visit your dentist to get things checked up frequently. Mouth cancer may lead to less living time. It is because cases are severe and take lots of time to cure. Hence, you should aim at solving it at an earlier stage only. 

You are now aware of common dental health issues and their possible solutions. Your dentist may also suggest you types of teeth braces if you have a crooked tooth. But the cost of types of teeth braces and other dental cures may be taxing on your budget. 

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