Those Who Don’t Recycle Stink

When you think of great things that we have managed to bring into this world your first thoughts would drift to ideas like electricity, the ability to fly, or perhaps our skills in building great buildings that touch the skyline. Not many would ever think that recycling could fall into the same category as these great inventions and skills. However, it really should. The ability to turn natural materials into something that we can use, and then to keep turning that something into other things that are also of use is truly remarkable. Not to mention that recycling completely eliminates waste and in no way harms the world that we live in.

Just as recycling is undervalued and under appreciated, the act of not recycling is also understated in modern society. Nowadays it is so easy to recycle – instead of putting certain waste in an ordinary bin, you put in a recycling bin. Not exactly rocket science! Yet, in saying this, there are people all over the world who simply refuse to recycle. Why? Because they are lazy and they do not care about anyone else or the planet which we all call home! It is fair to say that these people suck.

With the People Who Don’t Recycle Stink gift range now is your chance to let these undesirables know exactly how you feel about them. This creative design features a comical image of skunk with a clothes pin clamped over its nose. The planet earth serves as the background and the words “People Who Don’t Recycle Stink” is laid out under the image. These words are portrayed in the green and black coloring that has become synonymous with recycling.

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