Things You May Not Know About Robotic Prostate Removal

What is it?

Robotic prostatectomy is a laparoscopic approach (robotic) to the treatment of prostate cancer. It is conducted via using the da Vinci robot. This advanced device provides a detailed three-dimensional vision of the affected area, high quality magnification and an articulating robotic wrist. The best part is that the robot recreates actions performed by the surgeon using console in a more accurate manner.

How to Choose of Surgeon and Medical Facility?

Experience and qualification counts! When it comes to prostate cancer surgery, you must choose a surgeon holding ample experience handling cases similar to yours. Volume also matters. A good robotic surgeon must be fellowship-trained in oncology (this is an additional training after a residency). He/she should focus precisely on this area. The approach is crucial for ensuring the best outcomes from the surgery with respect to minimizing any side-effects and maximizing cancer control.

Robotic Prostate Removal vs. Traditional Open Surgery

Robotic Prostate Removal is quite similar to the traditional open surgery. The surgeon removes prostate completely without harming the vital cavernous nerves and urethral sphincter. The man difference is quicker recovery span, higher success rate, and less loss of blood in case of robotic surgery.

Lymph Nodes will be Removed

The surgeon will also remove lymph nodes during the robotic procedure. However, this will entirely depend on the following:

– Stage of Cancer

– Cancer Grade

– PSA of Cancer

Time Taken for the Procedure

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about da Vinci robotic prostatectomy surgery. The actual procedure usually takes two to three hours. However,any unusual circumstances during the surgery may increase the time required.

The Benefits of Robotic Prostatectomy Surgery

Once your doctor gives recommendation for prostate cancer surgery, you may be a candidate for robotic prostatectomy. This is a relatively new, less-invasive surgical procedure. It is conducted while using a high-tech surgical system. The advanced technology helps surgeon see the smallest anatomical structures more clearly. It helps in performing the surgical procedure in a more precise and successful way. Here are some of the best benefits of robotic prostatectomy patients can expect over open prostatectomy:

– Shorter hospital stay

– Less pain

– Less pain medication

– Quicker return to normal activities

– Less blood loss

– Shorter catherization

–  Less transfusions

– No blood donation needed from the patient

– Less scarring

Requirement for Additional Blood

If you are concerned about blood donation during da Vinci robotic prostatectomy, relax! One of the major benefits of this procedure is minimal loss of blood. Hence, there is no need to get more blood or donate your own blood.

Hospital Stay Span

Since robotic prostate removal is a minimally invasive procedure, patients can go home within 24 hour of the surgery. It takes about 14-21 days for most patients to resume normal activities after the procedure.

The Urinary Control

Most patients want to know if they will carry the Urinary Catheter home after being operated. The most common concern is resuming normal urinary control. A urinary catheter is definitely required to ensure sufficient bladder drainage. It also expedites the healing process of the area. Most patients tend to experience incontinence soon after the removal of the catheter. However, the urinary control usually returns with time.

Sexual Activity after Procedure

The answer is – NOT IMMEDIATELY! It is true that erectile function returns within a period of about 9-12 months among most patients. Some may even be able to resume sexual activity within nine months too! All men who have undergone Radical Prostatectomy are sterile (irrespective of the type of surgery they had).

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