Do we feel trapped in the midst of busy schedules and never-ending deadlines? Does work pressure keep us from living our best life? Unfortunately, stress has become a ubiquitous part of every adult. While there are many ways to deal with this, cannabis can work like magic. The therapeutic properties of cannabis strains can help we relax and rejuvenate after a stressful day at work. This also explains why many potheads tend to buy weed seeds and grow them at home.

What Should We Look For When Choosing A Cannabis Strain?

It takes a lot of thought to make a cannabis strain perfect for us. Primarily, there are two subspecies of the cannabis plant known as Indica and Sativa. Sativa dominant cannabis like Sour Diesel can boost energy and make us more active. On the other hand, dominant varieties such as the rockstar type provide more relief. Is that all that workers should consider? Besides the type of plant, we may want to consider the level of CBD and THC. For those who are unaware, THC and CBD are compounds found in cannabis that determine their effects. To relieve stress, we need a strain with sufficient THC levels but should also have CBD. While THC gives us high, CBD is medically beneficial.

What Are The Top Strains Of Cannabis For Relaxation?

Blue Cheese: 

Nothing gets better with cheese, and it’s true for hemp. Blue cheese is a hybrid of cheese and blueberries. While blueberries enrich this strain with strawberry terpenes, it gets an earthy taste and aroma from cheese. Despite being dominant with Sativa, it has over 19% THC, strong enough to relax the body and mind.

Blue cheese is known to create an enthusiastic effect that can make we feel happy after a hard day. The effect of this tension pulls us off like a cool breeze, and we are gradually happy, but towards the end, it will put us in a night of good sleep. Blue cheese has many benefits, and to cheer us up and increase appetite are just a few of them.

Master Kush

Also known as ‘High Rise’, Master Kush is quite true to its name. It is a 90% dominant Indica that can relax our minds in minutes. This strain contains over 24% THC and negligible amounts of CBD. Having a high index content along with high THC allows us to forget our stress and fatigue with just a few breaths. We can choose high consumables to get our Master Kush dose for a smooth delivery experience.

Whether we’re looking for peace of mind after a stressful day at the office or otherwise, Master Kush is the ideal choice for us. With the likes that Snoop Dogg regularly uses, Master Kush is a must-try for everyone. Take this stretch a few hours before we go to sleep, as it gives us a good breath and then allows us to fall into a deep sleep.

OG Kush

A random hybrid of Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush, and Chemdawg are the kush strains that led to the discovery of OG Kush, every stone’s favorite strain. Since 75% indices prevail, it is close to 19% of THC. We can obtain some citrus or pine in terms of both the taste and aroma of this cannabis strain. Often referred to as the ‘queen’ of all species, OG Kush’s flowers are powerful enough to relax our muscles and relieve stress. Depending on its legality, OG Kush is available in select stores. We can check the Canadian dispensary online to have it delivered to our home.

Sometimes it’s hard to put worries aside, but OG Kush can make it easy for us. With just a few strokes, we will feel our eyes get heavy. Hunger pangs come as part of this strain, so keep some snacks ready to eat after we breathe.


If we’re planning on getting the best cannabis strain on the market, Skunk is the undisputed winner. It was released in the late 1970s as a result of harsh crossbreeding and has been a hit ever since. As an index strain, THC levels in Skunk are high (19%), whereas CBD is present much less.

The first few hits of Skunk give a humming noise in head, but soon the soothing effects begin to emerge. It makes we feel like we are wrapped in a warm hug where we can release all the stress and worries. It can dry out our mouth, so keep a bottle of water with us and drink it to relieve stress. 

Strawberry Cough

It’s unusual to put strawberry cough on this list, as the best Sativa strains known to give we an energy boost are dominant. However, the high THC level makes it worthy of this point. With 26% THC content and almost 1% CBD in it, it is the right companion after a long day at work. The genre gets its name from the fruity feel, taste, and aroma everyone loves. 

Strawberry cough is often a slow type and will not hit us at the same time; rather, we will slowly feel the calming effects. During the highs, we will feel happy and light by just developing happy thoughts. A high THC level can lead to a little ‘coughing’, but once we hold it, it will be our favorite thing. We can buy strawberry cough feminized pot seeds and grow them at home for the unlimited supply of weeds.

The Verdict

Stress is a plague that disturbs not only our mental health but also our physical health. Those caught in the vicious corporate cycle of 9-5 jobs may find it difficult to cope with the burden that comes with it. No matter how hard we try, chaos and competition always catch up and can spoil our life. It is better to seek help from cannabis than to give in to stress or depend on chemical-laden drugs. Quality cannabis strains can reduce the edge, lighten the burden we are carrying, and relax our mind. Now, whenever we feel the need to have a nice relaxing session after work, buy weed online and let cannabis do the magic.

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