Ten Reasons Beer is Not Bad for You

As a general perspective, all kinds of alcoholic drinks are deemed bad for health. However, that’s not the case. We will tell you ten reasons why beer isn’t bad for you if taken in moderation. Let’s begin:

1. Beer drinkers have longer life: Multiple independent researchers have proved that moderate beer drinkers tend to have a longer lifespan than teetotalers. Beer is safe for drinking because of the low alcohol content and larger volume when compared to other alcoholic drinks.

2. Beer contains a lesser amount of carbs and calories: If you search about Indian beer facts, then you will be surprised to see the nutrition label. Beer contains a much lesser amount of carbohydrates and has negligible fat or cholesterol. You will be surprised to know that regular soft drinks contain more carbohydrates, calories and sugar compared with the same volume of beer!

3. Beer is natural: Some people might tell you that beer has synthetic preservatives and artificial flavors. Well, don’t believe them because beer is as natural as orange or apple juice. Also, it doesn’t need an added preservative as alcohol does the job. Many craft breweries, i.e. breweries which produce a small amount of beer, even name their beers after natural flavors from which they are derived.

4. Beer regulates cholesterol in your body: It is a standard craft beer fact in India, that beer doesn’t have any cholesterol of its own. However, only a few people know that it helps in improving the cholesterol in your body. For moderate drinkers, beer tilts their HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio the right way. 

5. Beer relaxes your mind: Among all the Indian beer facts, the most common one is that beer helps in chilling your mood. It has been observed that people who go for weekend drinks with their buddies show much lesser stress levels.

6. Beer gives you vitamin B: It is a lesser-known craft beer fact in India that beer contains high levels of Vitamin B, particularly folic acid, which helps in preventing heart attacks. Beer also contains soluble fiber, which not only absorbs the junk fat but also regulates your digestive process. Beer also boasts healthy levels of potassium and magnesium.

7. Beer is safer than water! : We often hear our beer loving friends saying something similar to, ‘Save Water, Drink Beer.’ Well, that may only make a metaphorical sense, but if we talk about the drink which may contain more harmful elements, then it’s water! Beer is boiled at high temperatures and is sealed immediately, making it impossible for any bacteria to make its way inside the bottle. However, that’s not the case with water.

8. Beer plays a role in preventing heart attacks: Another common Indian beer fact is that beer is quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy and preventing heart attacks. We already mentioned the folic acid, but it also contains a high level of antioxidants which are crucial for overall good health.

9. Beer has anti-cancer abilities: If you dig deeper into craft beer facts of India, you will find that beer also contains the Xanthohumol antioxidant which actively inhibits cancer-causing enzymes. The Germans even brew their beers with extra amounts of Xanthohumol!

10. Beer doesn’t give ‘beer belly’: Some researchers from the University College of London proved the fact that beer doesn’t give beer belly. In fact, moderate drinkers weigh much less than the teetotalers. As for the beer belly, it comes from a high-calorie snack that people love to consume with their drink.

So far, we have discussed only the health benefits of beer, but it is important to remember that excess of anything is bad. Drink merrily, drink responsibly!

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