Teese Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Review

While cruising through the aisles of my local health food store I came across a brand of vegan cheese called Teese. Two types of vegan cheese were available, cheddar and mozzarella. I opted for the mozzarella cheese because I knew I’d be making more flatbread pizza. I’ve tried several cheese alternatives but try to limit their consumption because they are still a processed food. Cheese is a real treat today!

Cheese. It’s my biggest roadblock to eating a vegan diet. Without a doubt, cheese has been my favorite food product my entire life. Cheese makes everything better! Letting go of cheese will be tougher than giving up meat!

I’m always up for trying new things in my diet and testing out alternatives to what I used to eat. I grabbed the Teese Vegan Mozzarella Cheese, came home and made another pizza! Since I was making a pizza I wanted to grate the cheese for better coverage. I was a little surprised when Teese grated well, though it is a little more damp and sticky than normal dairy cheese.

The texture of the Teese mozzarella cheese is like a softened dairy cheese. When I ate a small piece before baking the pizza I thought it was a little plain. My eight-year-old niece helped me make several pizzas for dinner. I thought the cheese melted well and she had no idea that it was not real mozzarella cheese. When I asked her what she thought of the cheese, she gave me a thumbs up. If I were really craving cheese on my pizza I would certainly use Teese cheese.

The next day I decided to see how the cheese worked for grilled cheese sandwiches. I had some herb bread from a local bakery to use along with chopped onions and avocado slices. The Teese mozzarella cheese was pretty good as grilled cheese sandwich, but I’m pretty sure that cheddar cheese would be a lot better. I will probably get the Teese cheddar cheese and try that for two meals, grilled cheese sandwich and macaroni and cheese!

Overall I enjoyed the Teese mozzarella cheese. It’s a lot better melted than it is raw that. It was really good on pizza and held its own as a grilled cheese sandwich. I could think of other uses such as topping spaghetti with Teese grated mozzarella cheese. I’m really looking forward to trying the cheddar version for mac and cheese!

I think Teese is a good cheese alternative if you’re really craving mozzarella cheese! If you really must have mozzarella cheese on your pizza it’s a good choice. The 10 ounce tube in the above picture cost $4.69.

Teese Mozzarella Vegan Cheese

Ingredients: (ALL VEGAN, NON-GMO): filtered water, tapioca starch, coconut oil and/or sunflower oil, tapioca maltodextrin, pea protein, salt, carrageenan, vegan natural flavors, lactic acid (vegan), natural white color added.


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