Teese Vegan Mac and Cheese

After trying out the Teese Mozzarella vegan cheese I knew I had to try the cheddar version. I can find more uses for cheddar cheese than I can for mozzarella! I decided on vegan mac and cheese for dinner last night.

Mac and Cheese is a pretty simple dish. I wanted to make a more involved backed mac and cheese casserole type dish but settled on simple mac and cheese to get familiar with the Tesse cheddar cheese product.\

Like the Teese mozzarella cheese the cheddar comes in a tube. To make Teese Vegan Mac and Cheese is pretty straightforward. Cook the elbow macaroni while slowly melting the Teese cheddar cheese. You could your favorite pasta rather than macaroni.

A word of advice, heat the Teese cheese SLOWLY. Don’t be in a rush to melt it as it will clump up pretty good and start to burn on high heat. Heat it slow while the macaroni is cooking.

The Teese cheese will melt to a smooth, creamy texture. If you don’t like it thick you can thin it down a little with soy milk or almond milk. Don’t use vanilla flavored soy milk . :)

amburger or tuna to the mac and cheese to make it even more filling.

Both my brother and niece joined in on trying out the vegan mac and cheese. Both liked it and my niece said it was very good. She understands that I am vegetarian but doesn’t know I experiment making dishes that are vegan, like this mac and cheese. To her it was just good ol’ mac and cheese!

I enjoyed it and I am really happy to know when I want mac and cheese I can have it! The Teese cheddar cheese melts well and has that nice mac and cheese stickiness. It turned out really well. I would try it again in casseroles and certainly grilled cheese sandwiches. If you looking for a vegan cheese alternative, give Teese a try and let me know what you think!




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