Sweet Earth Veggie Burger

weet Earth Veggie Burger. I had a wonderful lunch consisting of a veggie burger and steamed potatoes. Just a week ago I tried Sweet Earth Curry Seitan with rice and really enjoyed it. While at the store I noticed another product by Sweet Earth, several flavors of veggie burgers. VEGAN veggie burgers at that! I didn’t have to convince myself that this was a veggie burger I wanted to try. I panned fried the veggie burgers. Sweet Earth Veggie Burgers held together good and had a great flavor. I liked the texture as well, although it’s not as firm as a normal beef patty.

I had the Sweet Earth Sante Fe veggie burger. I topped it with sliced onion and green pepper along with a slice of daiya provolone cheese. Excellent! Another good product from Sweet Earth I recommend!

Sweet Earth Veggie Burger

Yeah, I’ll have it again! I’m on the look out for the Sweet Earth teriyaki burgers! For anyone looking for a veggie burger option, Sweet Earth are a wonderful meat alternative! Health experts say eliminating meat when you can is a healthy life choice. Eating better is easierwith Sweet Earth, give them a try!

If you can’t find Sweet Earth veggie burgers near you, the next best option is making your own veggie burgers. Check out these veggie burger cookbooks covering both vegetarian and vegan burger recipes:


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