Full Solution Guide On Spotify web player not working

Spotify is undoubtedly the most used streaming music service today by all those who like to listen to music from their mobile wherever they go or simply when they are sitting in front of the computer. Its 70 million users, among which it has about 30 million subscribers to its Premium service, endorse it as the market leader, however, this does not take away so that it has some failures that can bring some users upside down.

Although the truth is that Spotify works quite well, this does not cause some users to encounter some problems at certain times. Errors that in many occasions can be produced by some adjustment in our system, that only reproduce in a certain environment or that is a problem of the whole account. That is why we will show below the solution to some of the most frequent problems of users with Spotify.

At first glance, it may not be so obvious on the Spotify website, but by following this tutorial you will learn to access the Spotify Web Player and use its main functions to transmit music to your computer without installing any software.

Spotify Web Player works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. The only notable absence is on Safari. For the above browsers, go to the open Spotify section and log in.

What to do if the Spotify web player not work chrome?

Spotify web player not working
Spotify web player not working

The use of this is identical to that of the traditional app and as you can see its use is really simple. For it to work perfectly we need to identify with our regular user before, so the next times we press the icon in Chrome the Spotify player will open instantly.

If you are a Windows user, it is likely that at some point you have found a window that shows an error with code 17 when trying to launch Spotify. Well, the solution happens to download the installer of the application and save it on our computer to later enter its Properties.

Once there, we go to the Compatibility tab, check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for and then choose the option Windows XP (Service Pack 3) from the drop-down list that appears just below. We apply the changes and try to restart Spotify if it still does not work, it is advisable to start the computer in safe mode and repeat the previous steps again.

 Cannot add local files to a playlist

One of the most used functions of Spotify is to create playlists with our favorite music and then listen to them whenever we want. To these lists, we can add songs that we find in Spotify or some that we have stored on our computer.

The problem may be that Spotify can’t play the current track. So you should check it also to resolve this problem.

Option in case if Spotify web player not loading

The process of loading songs to our playlists from local files has recently been changed and this has caused some users to think that it did not work. However, to add songs saved on the computer to our lists, we must go to the option Local files> Preferences and look for the files on our disk or even iTunes to add them.

Cannot download songs to play offline

It is undoubtedly one of the star features of Spotify since it is ideal to enjoy our favorite music when we have no connection to a WiFi and do not want to devour the data of our data rate, yes, only for Premium users. But there is a little known restriction, and that is that Spotify puts a limit of songs that we can have downloaded to listen offline. Therefore, if we reach that limit, we will encounter an error message. Read more- Games to play over facetime

To solve it, all we can do is erase some of the songs we have been in that state for some time to add new ones.

Things to do when Spotify web player not working

Spotify web player not working
Spotify web player not working

As in the previous case, Spotify establishes a limit of songs to be able to store in our library, therefore, if we have reached a whopping 10,000 songs, we will see how we find a notification in which we are informed that it is not possible to add more songs to our music. To solve it, a priori, we should proceed with the removal of some clues if we want to add new ones.

But there is a fairly simple trick to skip this restriction, which is to create a new playlist with the name library where we can start adding more songs without problems. To do this, we go to File> new Playlist folder and we are adding all those libraries in a single folder.

How to know if our account has been hacked

It is not a technical error but it has occurred on several occasions that certain media publish information about the hacking of numerous Spotify accounts. In this situation, users tend to be alarmed thinking that someone can take control of their account, but first of all, we must know that there are some signs that can reveal whether our account has been hacked or not.

The easiest is to look at the playback history and see if there are songs that we have not heard recently or even some that we do not even know. If this is not the case, it is likely that our account has not been hacked, however, we can always proceed to log out of all our devices and proceed with changing our password.

How to Fix Spotify Web Player Does Not Work

Spotify web player not working
Spotify web player not working

In fact, the problem of receiving a message stating that Spotify Web Player cannot be played can be due to many reasons.

If your web browser cannot connect to Spotify, try the next solution.

• Try loading another site. If you cannot access other websites, Spotify Web Player will not work because you have an Internet connection or Internet Service Provider (ISP). To resolve this issue, you need to reset your web browser, delete the incorrect cache, release the connection, and restart your computer and wireless modem or router. If you have the same problem, you can revisit Spotify and contact your internet service provider to notify you about the problem.

• If you have access to a site other than Spotify, there is a firewall that blocks access to Spotify. To access Spotify, you need to close your firewall.

• Delete DNS from the computer. Your computer may cache incorrect data, slowing down or interrupting network activity such as connecting to Spotify. Emptying the DNS can eliminate these obstacles.

If Spotify is not loaded in your web browser, the following solutions may help.

• Delete cookies. Cookies can cause unexpected errors when stored in your browser, so delete them from your web browser.

Try another web browser. This may be because Spotify is not compatible with web browsers. The new spotify web player has stopped working as a standalone player. The service made changes and eventually completely separated from the flash. You don’t have to be a member of the Beta Testers group to use the new Spotify player. Once you’ve tried it, it realizes the fluidity and speed it loads. This is a very different experience from a web player using flash and certainly no one will lose.

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