Shaving with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

Shaving with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap. Several months ago I had a problem with my hands drying out and skin splitting, causing a lot of pain. The only way to figure what was causing it was to look at the products I use and the changes of the last year. I narrowed it down the shaving soap I used.

I have a goatee and I shave my head as well so I spend a small chunk of time shaving. I probably spend more time shaving my face and head than I do showering afterward! I’d been using a bar soap from a local shop that uses all natural ingredients.

The only way to know was to stop using it. Within a few days my hands cleared up and I have not had any outbreaks or pain. The local soap maker has great soaps but it seems something in the shaving soap she makes doesn’t like my skin. I still recommend anyone trying it as it’s locally made with natural ingredients. I began using it because I wanted away from the chemical laden shaving foams and gels.

Shaving with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap

So what to use now that I can no longer use the local made soap? I turned to the one thing I did have on hand and LOVE, Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap! I love Bronner’s bar soap with a passion. I started using Bronners after searching for a good, earth-friendly soap. I didn’t know of it would work well as a shaving soap. A quick Google search came up with a video review of a guy who used Bronners to shave with and he loved it. The only to do was try it!

No only did it work, it happens to be an excellent shaving soap! I was actually surprised! I know Bronner’s advertises multiple uses and shaving is one of them, I just never noticed. As much as I love Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps I have never tried any of the liquid soaps they offer. I came across the Dr. Bronner Shave Gels but with the bar soap working as a great shaving soap, I don’t feel the urge to try it.

It’s great to have a local soap maker in a small town but now I use Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps(I love lavender!) for shaving as well as showering. I couldn’t happier to have one less product to buy and knowing that it’s earth and vegan friendly! Shaving with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap is worth trying! If you’re looking for a vegan shaving soap that works really well, try Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps as shaving soap. Several scents are available.

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