Saucony Men’s Vegan Shoes

I have a feeling deep within me that one day I will be a vegan. A year and a half into being a vegetarian, going the extra step into veganism feel natural. It’s not going to be a cold turkey switch or happen overnight, but I can already tell that I’m leaning that way.

Lately, I have looked into vegan options. It was last year that I began using as many products as I could that were free of animal testing or animal products. The deodorants, bar soaps, shaving soaps, and detergents are free of animal products and testing.

The one consumer product I’ve always worn that I knew were not vegan are my shoes. I figured in this day and age there have to be vegan options available. I tracked down and researched some product reviews and decided to get a pair of vegan shoes from a company called Saucony.

I had never heard of Saucony until I started researching vegan shoes. And for good reason… For years I have bought my shoes at Walmart. I’ve never been a fan of the high-priced, overhyped name brand shoes. I could get a pair of shoes at Walmart for 25 bucks.

Combined with not wanting to shop at Walmart and wanting a pair vegan of shoes, I turned to shop online. My online search for men’s vegan shoes turned up several results.  I bought my pair of Saucony Vegan Shoes off Amazon for $49.99.I was really happy that they had a size 13. So I ordered a pair of the Saucony’s men’s jazz Pro vegan sneakers in a black and oatmeal color combination.

Saucony vegan shoes have no animal products, by-products, or derivatives.

First Impressions

My first impression of the Saucony vegan shoes was rather good. I like the look of the black and the oatmeal color, the stitching looked really well done and the overall quality looked very good. The shoes were laced with black shoelaces and a pair of oatmeal colored shoelaces are included, which I thought was a nice touch.

The rubber sole is very grippy and I thought the pyramid-shaped tread was cool and unique. The overall fit is pretty comfortable and I think they will become even more so over time.

I’ve worn the Saucony’s vegan shoes for about a week now and really like them. It’s winter here in the Midwest so I’m not wearing them out into the snow or muddy slush. On the days the weather is bad I am wearing my earlier non-vegan shoes.

I see no reason to throw out my old shoes just because I have bought vegan shoes. I will wait until my old shoes wear out before I toss them out, that is the responsible thing to do.

Now that I know that vegan shoes are available I don’t have to go back to buying animal product shoes. I will update this post on a regular basis with my ongoing opinion of my new Saucony vegan sneakers!

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