Rest in Peace Wayne Dyer

Thank you Wayne Dyer. On August 30, 2015 the world lost spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer to a heart attack. Wayne was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009 and believed he could cure himself. The coroner found no trace of leukemia. Dr. Dyer was a self-help author and spiritual teacher to millions of people around the world. The day after his passing I shared a story on a Wayne Dyer fan club page. I’d like to share it here.

The Plastic Bag – A Wayne Dyer Moment

I wanted to share a quick story about what happened after I learned Wayne had passed onto his next adventure. Wayne was very influential in my spiritual journey. My best friend, BJ introduced me to his teachings. She is the one that sent me the text that he had died. I went to see her and we shared hugs and tears talking about how he and his teachings helped us and millions of people.

When I left BJ to drive home, I came to an intersection where I had to stop for cross traffic. I had just thanked the Universe for bringing the world Wayne Dyer and his teachings. A Black jeep was coming down the road to my left so I had to wait. Across the street was a kid about 10 years old who had bike, a ripped plastic bag and about 5 bottles of mountain dew on the ground, one in the middle of the road. The Jeep approached the intersection and slowed as if to turn. The driver must have seen the kid and the bottle in the middle of road. They sped up instead of turning, probably to turn at the next corner. When the Jeep passed, the kid looked at me and looked at the bottle in the road and looked back at me. I waved to let him know I’d wait for him to get the bottle. I could see the frustration in him as he tried to carry four bottles over to pick up the bottle in the middle of the road. He picked that bottle up and threw it over his bike and into the grass on the corner.

An inner voice said “How can I help him?” I drove across the road and up next to him as he fumbled to hold the bottles and grab his bike. I use plastic grocery bags for trash bags in my van, slung on the armrests of the two front seats. I always keep extra bags in the van. I put my van in park half in the street and reached over to the passenger door cubby hole and grabbed two plastic bags. I said to the kid as I reached out, “Hey, I have extra bags, if you double them up you’ll make it home ok” I could see the frustration fall from his face and slide of his shoulders. He stood up straighter and grabbed the bags. “Aww thanks man!” He said with a big smile. I said “Have a good night” and continued driving home.

I teared up on the way home and thought to myself “that was so a Wayne Dyer moment!” His teachings and How May I Serve attitude inspired a small act of kindness.

I knew I had to tell BJ of the kid and the plastic bags but since she works over night I knew she was going to sleep. I went home and slept, woke up at 1 a.m. and went to see her on her break. The moon was out and the stars were mixed in with clouds. We sat on the ground and talked about Wayne and his teachings and the help he brought to so many. Then I see a round shadow come down from above, cross BJs right shoulder and into the ground. I thought “what a fat bat or bird!”. BJ leaned to see around me and turned my head to see what had caused the shadow.

A plastic bag. WOW. BJ said “I think that’s Waynes way of saying thank you”. We continued to talk about him and several minutes later the wind blows the plastic bag up right to my left side. Wow…just amazing… A plastic bag? At that time and that place. Yeah it was Wayne. ?

I kept the bag. I put it in my glove compartment. Every time I see it I will think of him and his teachings. I thank Wayne Dyer for doing so much for so many people. I am very happy he leaves a legacy of books and DVDs for future generations to learn and grow from.

I love you Mr. Dyer. Thank you and much happiness and peace in your new adventure! Rest in Peace Wayne Dyer.

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