Purple uses a white colored powder in their mattresses. This is basically a polyethylene-based powder, and many studies have claimed it to be toxic. The usage of the dust in the mattresses and pillows of purple has different purposes. In one hand, where the use of the purple mattress powder features hyper-elastic polymer, on the other hand, it also refrains the mattresses from getting stick in the time of compressing for shipping.

Where purple claims that the powder doesn’t penetrate through the cover, many people are concerned about the harmful effect of the Purple mattress powder on their own skins. There is no doubt about the fact that every company prefers to write a good thing about themselves only. The product description, product awareness related write-ups everything talk about the good side about the product. But what users want to know is genuine review.


It is very general that when there was a question about the toxicity of the powder used in the mattresses purple had to go through various controversies as well.

It was found that a competitor company filed a purple mattress lawsuit, for it being toxic on the skin and harming general health.

Being a parent and a research freak I was previously concerned either all the reviews and concerns about the purple mattress powder was entirely guesswork, or there are genuine reviewers too.

Now let me get you straight to the point.


The controversy, the reviews, the lousy talking, and the posts and comments; everything happening to surround the purple mattress dust, is concerning towards only one direction. That is if the powder is safe for your skin or not. Being a parent, it was undeniable for me to be concern about the same as I have kids too.

After several research works, I came to a conclusion, and that is the powder is nothing but polyethylene copolymer. This is probably the most common type of plastic produced in the world.

Be it the water bottle that you have bought from the nearest coffee shop, the food containers that you use to carry food- everything uses the same category of plastic for their purposes.

Not only these, but the type of plastic is also used in various medical devices that get implanted inside your skin. Many toy companies use the kind of plastic in the making of kids’ toys. Thus, this type of plastic has no definition of being toxic.

After many kinds of research, I came to the conclusion that this is the type of plastic I am encountering in my daily life and might be using in every step of my daily routine. So, I told myself later that I will keep a track on the white residue of the purple pillow powder and the mattress more often.


Let’s begin from the beginning. It all started since I first received my parcel of Purple mattress. While ordering it online, I have gone through several talks about finding while powder residue on the mattress. Needless to say, I was very skeptical about the product. But the packaging changed my concept forever, and I hit reality.

The packaging contained no purple mattress toxic powder residue, nor did the outside part of the mattress. The powder remains in the inner layer of the mattress only and doesn’t come out. After using the same mattress for the two long years, I am thrilled to share that there so no residue found ever on my mattress.

I never suffered from any skin hazard even after using the mattress. But as I told earlier, I am a research freak and very cynical until I find satisfactory evidence.

I tried to get some powder residue while keeping an old black t-shirt under my bedsheet and on the mattress directly. I started checking it every passing week and later every passing month. But even after six months of placing the t-shirt, there was no evidence of white powder residue on the t-shirt.


I am definitely not questioning the individual choices of the users. There is freedom of speech, concern and even freedom of options. Thus, one can definitely but whatever they want, but just for a suggestion, I would like to add, that if someone is concern about what is the powder in the purple mattress and the harmful effect of the while powder residue, a mattress protector can be at your help.

I personally had no bitter experience while using the purple mattress. I never found the mattress to penetrate ant harmful substance used inside the mattress.

Thus, unless one has the habit of putting on the mattress or chewing the inside material of a mattress, the purple mattress is not going to harm him/her anyways.

This purple mattress powder is simply nothing to worry about. This is the simple plastic that you are regularly using. Thus, if you feel unsafe with the powder, you need to feel dangerous with every silly thing that you are using in your daily life.

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