All You need to Know about Plastic Surgeons

It has almost become a trend now for many people and especially those who are involved in the entertainment industry to get their bodies altered and changed in one way or another. People no longer are hesitant to take a chance and go through medical procedure to ‘improvise’ their bodily features. Be it removing excess fat from their belly or getting brows raised, the latest trends have covered all of it. Leaving no stone unturned. Almost every body part in today’s date can be worked on in some way. All of this is possible due to consistent hard work and discoveries in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. Although the terms ‘plastic surgeon’ and ‘cosmetic surgeon’ are used interchangeably, they are different. Before we get into that, let us take a look on what plastic surgeons are.

What is a plastic surgeon?

A Plastic Surgeon is licensed doctor who is trained in practising medical procedures that involve body contouring, tissue transfer and laser surgery. They are specifically trained in trauma care, patient interaction and other specialised surgery techniques. The basic purpose of plastic surgeries is to restore the normal function and form of the particular body part. Procedures of a plastic surgery vary depending on the category of the patient such as age, health conditions, etc. These surgeries can mould and shape almost every external body part such as eyes, nose, legs, hands, etc. The goal of such surgeries can range from achieving aesthetically pleasing results to correction of malformation of body parts. There are various plastic surgeries that specialises in recovering the function of body part that has suffered injury from an accident or illness.

What do plastic surgeons do?

The field of plastic surgery encompasses almost all aspects of the externalities of our body. Although the most heard of and popular plastic surgery procedures are ‘cosmetic’ in nature, the practice itself is much more than just that. It can be fair to state that without plastic surgery it would really tough for patients recovering from cancer and various other major illnesses, that cause physical deformities, regain their normal body functioning. Plastic surgeons study hard about procedures such as transfer of tissues from one part of the body to another, drafting of skin or creating a flap graft. Read more-where to buy modafinil

Even for patients who have suffered from an accident, need plastic surgeries to ‘remodel’ and repair their body parts. For example, a person who has crushed his arm in a car accident would need a plastic surgeon to help him remodel his hand (if repairable) so that it can serve its normal functioning as much as possible. Patients who have suffered from burn injuries, need to be operated under a plastic surgery to regain their healthy skin and prevent damage as much as possible. To summarise, it can be said that plastic surgery majorly works in the following areas:

  • Cancer (breast, neck, skin and sarcoma)
  • Trauma and burns
  • Congenital deformities
  • Improvement of appearances
  • Tissue degenerative conditions

Are plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons the same?

Well, the technical answer is a clear no. The goals of both of these disciplines is completely different and distinctive from one another. A cosmetic surgery’s goal would be to enhance the appearance of a body or its part but the aim of plastic surgery is primarily reconstructing a body part to correct deformities and malformations. Although more and more plastic surgeons are these days extending their field of work to obtain the license of a cosmetic surgeon as well.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the job of Cirujano Plástico is as important as another medical discipline. It helps people live a better and healthy life.

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