New Chapter in Life Part 2

The journey with my brother is nearing its end. My brother came to live with me in mid July of 2012. I wrote about it here and I’m back with an update. We both will be moving at the end of next month. It’s been a great experience for the both of us, my brother is certainly a better person. I’m happy to write that he broke his addiction to co-dependent relationships and the constant jumping from one woman to another. He has matured over the last several years, but it didn’t start off well.

After moving in with me that first year he continued to date. He met a woman and within a month and moved out to live with her. It didn’t take long to find out she wasn’t the nice woman he visited on the weekends. She turned out to be both physically and verbally abusive. He ended that relationship and had to get a restraining order against her. It was a matter of weeks and he moved back.

He learned from it. I think he understood it just wasn’t her, that he too had a co-dependence issue. One big factor in his behavior change was reconnecting with his oldest daughter. They hadn’t spoken for years due to his ex-wife. She told many lies about my brother and corrupted his daughters view of her dad. Thanks to other family members, they began to get to know each other. She has a daughter, his first grandchild. Just recently his daughter gave birth to twins. He’s an excited grandpa!

Last year we began to talk about what we each wanted. He has two daughters in Iowa and three grand kids. We have other family in the area so he decided he wanted to move back. I don’t care to live in a big city again and the opportunity to move out to the Black Hills came up within a week of my brother wanting to move. Talk about synchronicity!

Near the end of May I will be heading out to Spearfish(YEAH!) and he will move back to Iowa. We both feel it’s what we want and oh does it feel so right! It’s funny how you just know it’s time for change. It could be a relationship or a job…but you just know. And we know. Everyday we become more excited! I can’t express how right it feels. I’ll live by my best friend and I’ll be in nature like I want. Life is good!

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