New Beginning in The Black Hills

After patiently waiting to move to the Black Hills, I’m happy to write that I have arrived at my new home and eager to begin my new adventure! I’ve been in Spearfish for nearly a week getting unpacked, settled in and doing a little exploring. New Beginning in The Black Hills! I’m renting a room from a couple of friends that I have roomed with before and I can work anywhere I have internet service. The change to mountain time has upset my body clock a bit, something I didn’t know could happen, lol.

It’s rained everyday I’ve been here. I’d like to get out and hike but I want a dry day to do it. No hurry though, I’m here and have to get out of the ‘vacation mode’ where I think I have to do everything in a week. I live here now, I’m free to go exploring anytime I want!

I’ve already had my camera out more in the first week than I did all of last winter. I’d had visited most of the photogenic places where I lived and over winter just didn’t find much of interest to photograph. Here in the Black Hills area there’s plenty to photograph and it looks good in all four seasons!

My schedule changes with the move out here. For nearly three years I helped my brother with his now nine-year old daughter. I am still adjusting to not having her around. I do feel the absence of both my brother and niece. My brother is all set up with a new job and home in Iowa. Everything just fell into place.

I’m thinking about starting a new website just for my Black Hills exploring and photography. I love it here and I feel at home. Let the adventure begin!

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