My Daily Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a simple and powerful way to reinforce your mindset. Affirmations help us keep up a high vibration and help manifest positive changes. Every great teacher includes some form of positive affirmations as a way to build positive habits. I have learned to truly enjoy my “affirmation time”.

Positive affirmations may feel strange when you first begin to say them, but over time they settle into your subconscious mind and is to become your reality. It doesn’t take long for you believe the positive affirmations you are saying and it opens up an amazing world to you! Positive affirmations are a part of my daily life and they have helped me be a much more grateful person. As I have read before, if we are not grateful for what we have, how is having more going to help us?
I often go through my day and say positive affirmations at random times. I might just be grateful for the nice weather or hearing beautiful bird song, something simple that goes unnoticed by many. I do have two times that I say positive affirmations every day, regardless of the day I had. The first of these two times is in the morning when I first wake up. The second time is at night when I go to bed.

My morning affirmation. I can thank Wayne Dyer for this morning affirmation. I believe in the spiritual movie The Shift, Wayne Dyer talks about his morning affirmation of gratitude by saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” when he wakes up. This is a powerful way to start my day and sets me in a grateful mood from nearly the time I wake up. The “thank you” can be anything or nothing. Just be thankful. Be thankful for sleeping well. I know some people are thankful for just waking up! It doesn’t matter what you’re thankful for, as long as you are thankful. Being thankful fills you with positive energy and sets your fantastic day in motion. Wake up thankful every day!

My night-time affirmation. Each night when I go to bed I have a basic affirmation ritual I go through. I don’t have a set affirmation to say but rather chose one thing I am grateful for that day. This isn’t choosing the best thing that happened to me that day because they are all the best things. I chose to be grateful for one thing and focus on it for a few minutes. I say “I am grateful for _____” and fill in the blank. Each night is different and could be anything from gratitude for a friend or an experience that happened that day. I have even said I am grateful for my car. For my apartment. And this past summer for having an air conditioner for my apartment lol! It could be anything and I have fun choosing something from my day I am grateful for.

Try having a morning and evening affirmation, it truly brings your heart and spirit in line with the universe. Use my suggestions and choose one thing every day and be grateful for it. I have read about people picking on the day of the week such as Sunday and making a list of the things they are grateful for. Personally, I don’t want to wait until the end of the week. I’m grateful for every day.

At night is also the time I send positive energy to others that are in need of it. If I know someone is ill or hurting I send them positive and healing energy and have them in my thoughts. Anytime you are grateful for what you have you send out positive energy and positive energy returns to you.

Make time for being grateful and positive, it’s what you and the world need.

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