Lost Ark Revelry Row

The Lost Ark Revelry Row island has one of the most distinct aesthetics of any of the islands, and its Island Token can be difficult to obtain due to the lengthy quest linked with it. Collecting Island Tokens is a key aspect of the Lost Ark end-game content, since it allows you to continue levelling and gain powerful rewards. Now, here’s how to find and get the Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Token. 

Lost Ark Revelry Row: Where Is It?

The Lost Ark Revelry Row location is in one of the game’s northernmost islands, situated immediately beneath the continent of North Vern. It is most seen in the Ethulia Ocean. Gamers must first get access to the Lost Ark ships, and it is advised that they acquire combat level 50 and equipped item level 250.

Landing to the island should help you understand why it’s so different from the other islands in the game. There is a permanent club there, with a large dance floor in the centre of the island and many patrons having a good time. The island’s most essential feature, though, is its Island Token.

How do you get to revelry row in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Revelry Row

In Lost Ark, there are 95 Island Tokens to gather. These Island Tokens can be collected and handed over to an NPC on Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting all 95 Island Tokens will grant you a variety of goodies, like Stat Potions, Skill Point Potions, Mounts, and so on.

After completing a number of Daily Quests on the island, you will receive the Revelry Row Island Token. This is an Una’s Task Daily Quest, which you may access in-game by heading to the Una’s Tasks menu. This menu can be accessed by pressing “Alt+J” on your keyboard.

Lost Ark Revelry Row: Island Token

To begin the quest that awards you with the Lost Ark Revelry Row Island Token, you must first complete the island’s Una Daily task called “Cocktail in Hand” for up to six days. After starting the Unbreakable Beat quest, you will be given a number of objectives to fulfil, such as completing a Ghost Ship, entering a Lost Ark Gate of Harmony, and reaching level 25 of Shadowspire.

After completing these activities, proceed to Harmony Island to complete the quest and obtain the much-needed Island Token. Following this, there are more chain quests on the island that will bring you to the Island Tokens for other islands, as well as two Lost Ark Revelery Row Mokoko Seeds.

That concludes our overview of the Lost Ark Revelry Row island, and you now know where to find it as well as how to obtain the Island Token.

All Mokoko Seed Locations in Revelry Row

Lost Ark Revelry Row

Lost Ark revelry row Mokoko Seeds are one of the many collectibles in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The incentives for locating them in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island make collecting fascinating. Take notice that you can always check how many revelry row Mokoko seeds you have collected and where you have acquired them. 

To do this, go to your adventure tab and open the Mokoko Seed symbol; all of the information will be displayed for you. This will keep you occupied for a while with 1202 Mokoko seeds and a variety of incentives for gathering them. To make things a little easier, we’ll be creating tips on how to obtain revelry row Mokoko seeds from various sources. 

The seeds are depicted on the map as a fruit with two little leaves, and this is the plant from which you gather one seed. So simply approach the plant and press G to get the seed.

How many Mokoko Seeds are there in Revelry Row?

Lost Ark Revelry Row

Revelry Row is your go-to tiny party island in Lost Ark. You won’t be alone here because many other gamers come for the atmosphere. These may be found across the game’s many locales. Nevertheless, Revelry Row isn’t just about dancing and flashing lights; there are two Lost Ark Revelry Row Mokoko Seeds buried here as given below:

  • The first seed will be found at Revelry Row, near the bottom of the map. As you arrive, walk towards the dazzling lights and then turn right. The seed will be found in the base of that one-of-a-kind tree on the cliff’s edge. 
  • The second seed will be put just above the first seed. You’ll travel near the map’s top until you reach an active-looking dance area. Little round platforms with poles and a bar will be available. The second seed may be found to the side of the pub you’re visiting, just before the chain gate. It will be on the grass, possibly near other characters who are hiding it. It will also be in front of what appears to be a generator.


Q1. How do you get Kalhertz island tokens?
Ans. The island’s souls (or tokens) are all luck, and unfortunately also timed luck. Souls can be looted from free reward boxes or freed prisoner purses. Both are delivered to your mailbox after prisoners are released on the island.  

Q2. How do you farm Pirate Coins in Lost Ark?
Ans. Keep a watch out for the commencement of the Procyon’s Compass event. It awards bonus Pirate Coins for completing specific tasks linked to Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gate activities, and Island Quests. It is really worth going out of your way to attend this event whenever it is available.

Q3. What do boss tokens do in islands?
Ans. Tokens are artefacts that can be used to bypass the summon cooldown for their bosses. Alternatively, in the Underworld, Pumpkin Boss, Slime Queen, and Void Serpent tokens summon their respective bosses. Each boss has their own token that cannot be mixed with others.

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