List of news Aggregators

Are you looking for the best news aggregators for submitting your news websites or to connect your news channels? Bang on! You are at the right place. Continue reading this article to know about the list of best and most popular news aggregators.

News aggregator website:

  • News aggregator websites contain all top news websites in one place.
  • The news aggregator covers both domestic news and international news.
  • And here is one helpful tip for bloggers and publishers!!
  • Using news aggregator sites helps you, bloggers and publishers, to get huge traffic for your websites.
  • It also helps in increasing PR backlinks for blogs. Amazing right?

List of news aggregators

Now let’s dive into the list of best news aggregators:

  1. Techmeme:
  • If you are looking for technology related news aggregator; then this is the one for you.
  • Website link is:-
  1. NewsNow:
  • NewsNow aggregator has more than 35000+ sources.
  • It provides headlines and URL.
  • This aggregator has millions of users in almost 141 countries.
  • Website Link is:
  1. Feedly:

  • Feedly is really simple syndication (RSS) feed aggregator tool.
  • RSS best suits the one who is looking for news from a particular website or a blog.
  • It supports both web browser and all mobile devices (both android and iOS).
  • It is user-friendly and has almost all the features.
  • Cloud-based service is available for Feedly.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Daily hunt:
  • Daily hunt is a news aggregator from multiple newspapers.
  • Newzly is their new product which provides customized trending headlines in nine languages.
  • Website link is :-
  1. Bing news:
  • This news aggregator gives in depth news of both domestic and international news.
  • This popular aggregator is owned by Microsoft.
  • It gets a good number of visitors.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Reddit:
  • This is an American news aggregator.
  • Anyone can submit links in this aggregator.
  • The content submitted here will be discussed and voted by the users.
  • You can earn rewards (karma) by posting popular contents in Reddit.
  1. Popurls:
  • Popurls is the mother of news aggregators.
  • It pulls news from different websites.
  • It has the maximum number of users.
  1. Digg:
  • This news aggregator has a curated front page.
  • It is one of the oldest news aggregator.
  • It covers trending stories related to politics, science and many more.
  1. Metacritic:
  • Metacritic is one of the top news aggregators.
  • It is a review aggregator.
  1. The morning news:
  • This aggregator covers a wide variety of topics.
  • They send 60 seconds news to all the registered mail ID’s.
  1. co:
  • This is a media aggregator (small community based) website.
  • Users can post anything through the user created accounts.
  1. Pocket:
  • This news aggregator allows the users to save the articles they want to read when they are offline. And these features forces people to use this app.
  1. Google News:

    List of best News Aggregators
  • Google news supports both web browser and mobile devices (both android and iOS).
  • It has full coverage features.
  1. Fork media:
  • The fork has a 360-degree multi-screen approach.
  • It is a premium audience network.
  • Website link is :-
  1. Nabd app:
  • Nabd app is number 1 personalized Arabic news application in the Middle East.
  • Arabic users all around the world can use this app.
  • Website link is:-
  1. News 360:

                  Alternative to yahoo news
  • This aggregator site provides topic-based contents for the users.
  • It gathers contents from popular news sites and also from microsites.
  • It covers all the important categories like technology, finance, health, art, insurance, photography, graphic design, gaming, web design and many more.
  • Website link is :-
  1. Fark:
  • Fark is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news web site.
  • Each day Fark receives 2000 news submissions.
  • Website link is:-
  1. AP News:
  • The Associated Press (AP) is an excellent and easy to use app which covers global to local news.
  • More than half of the world’s population use this app.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Flipboard:
  • Flipboard news aggregator brings together the popular news, stories, and conversations.
  • You can personalize the news of your interest.
  • This news aggregator can be used as a Google news alternative
  • Website link is:-
  1. Apple news:
  1. Smart news:
  • Smart News is an award-winning news application which is used by more than 50 million users in across 100 countries.
  • This news aggregator has major publishers who offer news feed from various sources.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Toutiao:
  • This product is of Beijing based company.
  • It is a news and information tool containing platform.
  • This has an algorithm which generates a list of content based on users interest.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Google newsstand:
  • This tool has reached the widest possible audience or users as it is preinstalled in most of the android phones.
  • Google newsstand allows you to create a magazine similar to publications.
  • Website link is:-
  1. AllTop:
  • Top news and information are from popular websites are aggregated by top news.
  • This tool can be used as alternatives to yahoo news.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Panda 5:
  1. Getpocket:
  1. Inoreader:
  • This aggregator is web-based and RSS feed reader.
  • They also provide cloud-based services.
  • It supports all web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Website link is:-
  1. News Break:


  1. News picks:
  • This app covers domestic and international economic news.
  • Millions of business people use this application.
  • It is available in almost all languages.
  • Website link is:-


  1. Nabiz app:
  • Nabiz app is one of the best Turkish news mobile applications.
  • This easy to use the app can be used in Apple iOS phones and also in android phones.
  • This pulse app has around 700 Turkish news channels connected to it.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Qaran news:
  • Qaran news is one of the most popular websites which is in both English and Somali language.
  • It has readers across the world.
  • Website link is:-
  1. News Republic:
  1. Nuzzel:
  • This aggregator provides industry news and media intelligence.
  • Busy media, technology and finance professionals prefer using this app.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Zig:
  • Zig is an online woman fashion store aggregator.
  • It has more than a million users.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Blogarama:
  • You can submit your blogs in this blog directory; that too, free of cost.
  • It has millions of subscribers and visitors.
  • Website link is:-
  1. The worldwide post:
  • The worldwide post news aggregators cover almost all the topics like –business, politics, technology, world, health, entertainment, science, sports, education, environment, culture, crime, and law.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Seldon news:
  • This news aggregator provides the latest and up to date news to its users.
  • Seldon news has users all around the world.
  • It is available in Russian and English.
  • This aggregator also provides research reports, articles and also reviews on different subjects.
  • The contents for this aggregator is collected by Russian and foreign sources.
  • Website link is:-
  1. Views in news:
  1. Inshorts news:
  • This news aggregator covers short English and Hindi news.
  • This aggregator publishes news related to business, sports, politics, technology, entertainment, startups, automobile, science, travel, and fashion.
  • Website link is:-

We hope this article helps you in finding the best and popular news aggregators in which you can submit your news portal websites or connect your news channels.

Good luck on your hunt!

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