Lightlife Black Bean Burger Review

Lightlife Black Bean Burger Review. Spring is here and I’m ready to fire up the grill! At the store I came across a new to me product that promoted me to have a picnic for lunch yesterday. Lightlife is a brand that I have tried products from before. I tried and liked the Smart Stripes Chick’n Style Strips. I made the Smart Patties Meatless Black Bean Burgers with homemade potato salad for my indoor picnic.

The Lightlife Black Bean Burgers are both vegan and Non-GMO. Four burgers come in a package and are grouped in twos. The first thing I noticed was the near gravy like coating the burgers have. They certainly stay moist. I choose the black bean variety over the original because I’m a big black bean lover. I’ve made some pretty tasty homemade black bean burgers before so I was looking forward to trying out the Lightlife version.

Lightlife Black Bean Burger Review


I choose to heat the veggie burgers via the skillet. Being meatless these burgers don’t need cooked, only heated. I made homemade potatoes salad in the morning and grabbed some burger fixings from the store. Sesame bun, spring mix, onion, a slice of tomato and ketchup. I’m a stone ground mustard kind of person but this day happened to use it all in the potato salad.

The Verdict: I really like the Black Bean Burger from Lightlife. It has a really good black bean flavor but I with it had just a bit more texture to it. I’d like to have it feel a bit more rough, like having more whole beans. It does feel like a bean mixture. The gravy like coating is good and helps keep the burger moist. I had no problems flipping the burgers in a pan on the stove.

I’d like to grill these burgers outside some day on an actual grill. I think they would hold up well. The burgers were great with my chosen toppings and the potato salad. A great indoor picnic that can only be better outside soon!

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