Lie Detector Test Apps

Gone are the days, when you could trust a person blindly and believe in whatever he said at face value. These days, it is not an easy task to detect if a person in front of you is saying the truth or not. How do you understand if your partner or family members are actually telling you the truth? The biggest issue in today’s world and generation is trust and hence, everyone is looking for a way to ascertain if the person in front of them is telling you the truth. 

Lie detectors are becoming common in today’s world. Gone are the days, when they used to be a part of science fiction movies. Thanks to the increase in crime rate and complex crimes held every other day, these lie detectors have become a usual sight at police stations and detective branches. There are various apps that have been designed and launched for use at the household level to actually ascertain the fact if one is speaking the truth or not.

In the era of smartphones, these truth-seeking devices or modes are generally in the form of apps and are compatible with both android as well as IOS.

Lie detector test apps- The way ahead

Many people are using technology to formulate special new age Lie detector test apps. These apps will be able to detect if someone is lying or not by monitoring various aspects like voice, heartbeat, pulse rate and so on.

Polygraph app

What is a Polygraph app?
A polygraph is often known as a lie detector in common laymen language. This is a device or a technique that diagnoses and studies one’s physiological indicators like pulse rate, rate of respiratory, skin conductivity and blood pressure.  In many tests, they are also asked a number of questions to understand the psyche of the liar. 

Lie detector app that really works

This is a thriving business and currently, there are various apps that help one to nab the liar. Here are a few of them.

# Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test: Truth and Lie detector are touted as the best and most accurate lie-detecting app.  Thus app is simple to use and can be downloaded on one’s smartphone without any charge. The app is compatible with all systems that are both IOS and Android. It is a great app that provides accurate results and also has some cool sound effects, computer voice, graphics and layout that entertains the user.

# Lie Detector Face Test Prank: As the name suggests, this is an amazing app that is ideal for pulling off a prank. This lie-detecting mode is compatible with both IOS as well as Android phones. It is a great way to trick your friends and family. One simply needs to upload a photograph on the app to ascertain if the person is indeed being truthful or not. This is a free app and it is important to understand that it is mainly an app used to trick people and will not always give you the correct answer. The best aspect being that the user has complete control over the options, results and voice options making it ideal to trick others.

# Lie Detector:  This is another common lie-detecting app used across the world. This app is compatible with both iOS as well as android phones. The app allows you to scan the fingerprints of a person and based on that the verdict is passed that whether a person is lying or not. Again, do not attach much importance to the verdict as it is merely an entertainment app and should ideally be used to pull off a prank and should not be taken too seriously. 

# Why You Lying:  This is another widely used app. This lie-detecting app is compatible with all operating systems and can be downloaded free of cost. This app also works on the fingerprints and derive a verdict from them. The app has an interesting interface and is known to provide funny and hilarious verdicts that make it a great entertainment app. Also, this app is widely used as it can be found in more than 20 languages.

# Lie Detector Simulator: Lie detecting simulator is an app that can be used on all kinds of smartphones.  This app takes entertainment to the next level thanks to the amazing sound effect that this app offers.  Again, this is a fingerprint scanner where within a few seconds the verdict pops up. It takes just a couple of seconds before the result is declared. The sound effects add a different dimension to the app and make it entertaining.

# Truth & Lie Detector Simulator: This is an app specially designed for iOS device users. This one too works on the recognition and analysis of fingerprints. This app for smartphones allows you to set the option as truth or lie or random. The app comes with cool graphics and animations that make it an interesting interface and entertains the user. The app is easy to use and vibrant making it a hit amongst the users.

Are these Real lie detector app?

One needs to keep in mind, that most of the apps mentioned above are merely entertainment apps and they do not provide 100 % accurate lie detection. These are mainly entertainment apps that make them an amazing hit amongst the users who like to trick their family and friends.

Truth or lie detector- way ahead 

If you are planning to invest or design in a truth or lie detector, then hasten not. It is a lucrative mode and has a demand for the same.

Meta Description: Lie detectors are the way ahead. In today’s world, one is not aware of the fact if the person in front of you is telling you the truth or not. These apps are actually entertainment apps and their results should not be taken too seriously. These apps are suitable for playing pranks on family and friends.

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