Kids Can Reuse White Boxes to Make Colorful Toys and Accessories

Kids need toys to play with so that they can enjoy themselves and also learn. You must allow kids to have time to do this. If you find that it is expensive to buy many toys for them you will be pleased to hear that white boxes can be used to make creative toys as well as accessories.

The task of making them is also enjoyable and helps them learn. Rather than throwing away the box and polluting the environment, reuse them for this. Read on to find out how these packaging boxes may be reused to make these.

Why choose white boxes?

The reason that custom white boxes are a better option to choose for this creative task is that these can be drawn on and colored on as well. Your child can design them as they wish. Rather than the box being black or having many colors that make it tough to draw on, it is better to choose white as you can customize it according to your needs.

The following are some things that can be made with these boxes:


If you have brought your child a playhouse with a kitchen that does not have an oven you can make this. The white box should be gotten. Cut the shape and size from it that you want. You may be able to get the template online.

Get a rectangular box and then cut the area where the knobs will be. You can paste this on top of the box. Add the knobs and plates for the oven. Because you will be using white cardboard, you can draw the place where the oven has its doors and other stuff easily. You can color it as you want also.


If your kids like to do something active and are willing to help you, make a maze. This can be played when it is a birthday party as well. It is simple to build. You can break it down and store it to be used once again.

Get several white custom boxes. These will have to be cut so that space can be present to pass through them. You can then paste them together and arrange them where you like. The maze can have a special gift at the end so that kids are tempted to play and find this. It will be enjoyable.

Make it colorful by coloring on the box. You can have bright shades as kids like these and they stand out. The maze will appear more attractive in this way. It will be inviting as well.


The box can be utilized to make some fun decorations. For instance, when it is Christmas, you can make snowflakes, elves, Christmas trees, reindeers, etc. with the cardboard. The decoration will be outlined on the box and then cut out. You can color it as you want. The Christmas tree can have different color lights. The snowflake will be white so the white box is useful here.

Many decorations can be easily made in this way. They will not cost you much to create also.

Dolls accessories

If your daughter wants her doll to have many accessories, use wholesale white boxes to make them from. You will not have to spend cash on these. It is possible to make a small comb, lipstick, makeup, etc. with it.

Draw what accessory you want to make. Cut it and tape it accordingly. If you are making lipstick you will have to make it in a cylindrical form with the help of tape. Color is bright and chic so that it looks wonderful.


To add television to a playhouse do not throw away white cardboard. Keep it in its shape and draw on the screen and buttons on the side.

It can be colored in black or any color you want. You can even draw a picture on the screen as if some program is playing. White boxes are useful as you can draw whatever you want here.


Do not throw away the white shoe boxes that you get. They can be easily used to make a classroom. It is simple. You need to cut out the places for the window and door. The door will have to be taped in. A blackboard will be included. You will color the area inside black. Other posters may be added on the wall inside such as numbers, multiplication, alphabet, and more.

These will be written on some boxes and stuck inside the classroom. Let your child play with their logo toys inside this.

Some other toys and accessories are simple to make with some white box. Let your kids make them with you so that they can enjoy themselves. They may even like playing more with it if they make it by themselves. You do not have to spend much cash buying these toys for them.

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