Kanji Zen Art Series

One of my dreams is to travel to any of the Asian countries and experience the art, culture, and food. I also like the Asian language of Kanji symbols. I love the elegance of the Kanji characters that many of us Americans have a fascination with. Kanji characters are often seen in tattoos. My interest in Kanji has led to creating the Kanji Zen Art seriesĀ of works.

Each piece in the series features a Kanji character on word paper. Under the paper are a double layered golden orange and dark red layers. Elegant elements like swirls and leaves are mixed in. Each piece is calming and mysterious. I wanted to create a Kanji art series that had a vintage-inspired feeling but would fit in the modern world.

There are eleven Kanji characters in the series: Beauty, Brave, Destiny, Dream, Energy, Friend, Health, Longevity, Love, Luck, and Peace.

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