Invisalign Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Within the past few days, Invisalign treatment has become a common thing among many people.

However, there are things that you need to read and understand before making any decision

regarding Invisalign. This article takes you through every essential aspect that you need to

master regarding Invisalign treatment. Let’s dive in!

You Need to Clean the Invisalign Regularly

Whenever you think of Invisalign, begin by thinking of toothpaste. The aligners require regular

and proper cleaning since it is the primary means of maintenance. On some occasions, regular

brushing of the aligners is likely to tarnish their appearance, making them appear yellow and


You need to understand that some ingredients of toothpaste can result in buildup. Due to this reason, you need to focus on a specific mild aligner cleanser.

You Might Require More than One Toothbrush

Do you know that regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth is one of the Invisalign treatments?

For proper treatment, it is recommended to have spare toothbrushes all over to facilitate the

process. You might decide to have a toothbrush in the car, on your working desk, and even your

purse. This will help you to enhance the proper cleaning of the aligners.

You Might Need to Put on a Retainer

It doesn’t mean that you have finished the entire treatment when you are completely done with

the Invisalign. Invisalign patients should be put on a retainer after the treatment to trigger good

results. This has been proved to work for many who have undergone treatment.

Buttons Might Become a Basic Necessity

Due to various conditions, some patients might require buttons to be part of their Invisalign

treatment. Buttons refer to small tooth brackets that are colored and inserted into your teeth.

Besides, not every patient requires the buttons unless an orthodontist recommends them.

You Might Feel Your Teeth Are Loose

According to the reviews given by most Invisalign patients, they tend to feel like their teeth are

loose when the aligners are removed. According to the specialists, this is normal since the teeth

need to lose to get back to their required positions. According to the professionals of Invisalign

near me, when you feel your teeth are loose, then the aligners are working properly.

Experiencing a Slight Lisp Becomes Common

Most patients who have undergone the treatment process complain about experiencing a slight

lisp during the first couple of weeks after the treatment. Sometimes they experience a different

kind of voice from their teeth. Note that not every patient experiences this condition since the

impact of the treatment varies from one person to another.

Chances of Removing the Aligners in Public Are Minimal

Note that the aligners fit snugly inside the teeth. This makes it hard for one to pop them in out

from time to time, especially in public. At some point, you might realize that the aligners come

out of the mouth with some saliva. This is the reason why most people prefer removing the

aligners in hidden places. Most people prefer removing them while in the restroom.

Rubber Bands Might Become an Important Thing

It is vital to understand that every Invisalign case is different from each other. Some Invisalign

cases require one to have an orthodontic rubber band used in the same way as the metal braces.

The orthodontic specialist has the responsibility to decide the type of Invisalign case that suits a

particular patient.

You Are Likely to Experience a Certain Form of Discomfort

Even though Invisalign appears smooth compared to the metal braces, it still makes you feel

uncomfortable with it. This is obvious since it is not something that you are not used to in your

mouth. However, some people complain of discomfort while others do not. This is a clear

indication that the level of discomfort varies from one person to another.

Invisalign is Efficient and Fast

Many people think that Invisalign takes a longer duration when compared to the traditional

braces. However, the reality is that the Invisalign is more efficient and works faster when

compared to the traditional places. Run a mobile search for “Invisalign near me” and start your course of treatment as early as possible.


It is essential to understand everything regarding Invisalign treatment before making any step.

The hacks shared above are meant to make individuals understand what is likely to happen upon undertaking the treatment.

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