I AM Spirituality

While browsing through the podcast section on iTunes I came across the I AM Spirituality Podcast. I’m late to the experience of podcasts:) Even before getting an iPod I had never streamed a podcast off the web and only discovered pod casts a year after having my iPod.

Once I found the world of podcasts I started listening to them and subscribing to ones I have an interest in. I frequently check the religion and spirituality podcast section and came across the I AM Spirituality Podcast…and love it!

So today I’m spreading the word about Sean Webb and his I AM Spirituality Podcast series. Sean has an amazing way of explaining the basis of spirituality through The Body, Mind Spirit model. Through the The Body Mind Spirit model we can better understand the underlying message of the world religions and the teachings over spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer and others.

By understanding the Body Mind Spirit model we can also eliminate pain and suffering, negative emotions and experience inner peace. Sean has a great speaking voice and in each podcast explains in a very clear and easy to understand way the Body Mind Spirit model. The first episode is below and I ask you to watch it and then visit his website, subscribe to the podcasts, twitter and Facebook.

Yes, big claims from a new teacher. It’s ok to be skeptical. I was curious as to what he had to say that hasn’t been said before. The big difference, for me..is HOW he explains it. Each podcast is packed with information covering the related topics and explained in a way a newcomer to spirituality will be easily able to follow. For those already on a spiritual path it can help explain issues in a better way. Sean injects a great sense of humor here and there, making the pod casts even more enjoyable!

For example: Sean’s explanation of the Ego is the best I have personally seen or studied. His explanation of Ego certainly helped me with my recent studies of some authors that discuss the ego. I can’t say enough about Sean Webb and the I AM Spirituality series. I KNOW he is on the path of helping others better understand spirituality and living a better life, within themselves and with the world.

I encourage everyone to watch the I AM Spirituality podcasts and decide for yourself. Teachers come into our lives when we are ready and I hope others are ready for the I AM Spirituality series. I enjoy the series and introduced the podcasts to a friend. I have an audio/video dock for my iPod and we get together every week and watch together and discuss the current podcast.

Enjoy the I AM Spirituality series and if you enjoy it, please share with others! Thank You:)

The I AM Spirituality series is beneficial to everyone!

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