How to Treat Dog Constipation without Seeing a Vet

Each dog has a specific rhythm of bowel emptying, depending on the food they eat and their life habits. Since dogs are omnivores, the average number of doing ‘number two’ is from two to three a day to one in two days.

Normal stools should be semi-solid, and it shouldn’t contain blood, bile, or worms. The appearance of any changes in the stool may indicate health problems in your pet. Find out more at this link.

The absence of stool is one of the more common health issues of the digestive tract in dogs. It is mainly associated with aging, poor diet, and excessive physical activity. The acute form of this disorder is treated very successfully.

In rare situations, the inability of your pooch to empty the bowels becomes chronic. If not treated on time, constipation can cause a whole range of disorders, sometimes very serious. But before you take your pet to a vet, try to help them at home.

Wait with Visiting Vet

Irregular bowel movements are a common problem in dogs,butit usually passes quickly with small changes in life habits. Wait a few days before visiting a vet. Take your time and watch your pooch while discharges. Is the elimination regular, but painful, with a hard stool?Or your pet rarely poops, sometimes once in a week?

If your dog acts as usual, it is most likely an acute condition that leaves no consequences. If there are no other signs of disease, such as fever, vomiting, or an appetite disorder, you can solve your pet’s constipation without seeing a vet. But make sure you have a phone consultation with them.

Diet Change

The first step in treating constipation is to change your pup’s diet. Your dog may be used to eating a variety of foods, but this should be avoided for a while. For starters, don’t give your pup bones in any form. Undigested bone tissue can damage the animal’s intestines and block the passage of food.

In agreement with your vet, include fiber in your dog’s diet. They are mostly found in pumpkins and sweet potatoes, which you can prepare in various ways. You can even give slices of fresh apple to your pup. Keep meals wet to make the digestion process more comfortable. Don’t give your pooch canned food during the diet, but try to prepare homemade meals rich in fiber.

As seen on, CBD oil is one of the supplements you can use to enrich your pet’s diet. It has many health benefits to the animal’s digestive tract. Cannabidiol maintains regular bowel movements and prevents infections due to the retention of toxins in the stomach.

How to Treat Dog Constipation without Seeing a Vet
How to Treat Dog Constipation without Seeing a Vet

Do the Bottom Check-Up

Depending on the cause of constipation, it is possible to provide first aid to your pup. It’s not a pleasant experience for owners, but it can help your dog. You have to check what’s going on ‘down there.’ Always use protective gloves when working with your dog’s feces or anus.

If you notice that the fur around the anus closes it, cut the hair carefully. It’s a common problem in long-haired dogs. The hair gets into the anal opening and prevents the normal exit of feces. After cutting, wash that area with lukewarm water and mild soap.

Try measuring your dog’s temperature with an anal method. If you see traces of blood traces or feel resistance when pulling the thermometer in, don’t try anything else on your own, but seek the help of an expert.

Use Laxatives

Besides proper nutrition, give your pet something that will ‘lubricate’ and move their intestines. That can be done with laxatives, but only those approved by a vet. In most cases, pet doctors suggest psyllium, in powdered or pill form.

Never give your pet stool softeners intended for human use. All human medicines contain higher doses of active ingredients than animals need. Instead of helping, they can cause additional complications in your four-legged friend.

To avoid future discharge problems in your pup, you need to act preventively. In addition to a high-fiber diet, keep your pet hydrated. Allow them to move and be active so that their intestines don’t become sluggish. CBD oil as a daily supplement is also an excellent prevention of constipation in dogs.

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