How to retain your follower on Instagram

Instagram is another amazing social media networking site after Facebook and Twitter. Most of the Instagram users used to share photos and short length videos just to amuse their followers. All such activities can be done on other social networking sites like twitter, Facebook, and tumbler. Instagram has a distinctive feature; on Instagram, you can confine your photos into square shape like the Instamatic and Polaroid. It was created by two app developers and after it was launched on android and apple store it rapidly grew popularity. There are plenty of ways to get a free follower on Instagram but for this, we need to do a lot of work. Usually, some people don’t prefer to wait for a long time and eventually they buy Instagram followers just for their business promotions. But the real thing is not getting following, you need to retain them to grow your business through this biggest social platform.


Unfollower is a person who follows you and then leave your account and he just clicks on Unfollow button on your profile to be your Unfollower. You don’t need to get confused if your unfollowers are increasing because you just need perfect strategies to keep entertaining your audience. Might you lose your followers because you share some boring, useless and ugly stuff and your follower don’t like it? You need to be very smart and entertaining on social sites to retain your audience. You should post on a regular basis and try to share such things that can literally give some benefits to your audience.

Why we lose followers:

At the moment, Instagram is considered as one of the best platforms for business promotion because it gives good returns on your advertising campaign. People get huge numbers of followers on Instagram but when they don’t give entertaining and informative things to their followers then ultimately they start losing followers. This question we can even ask ourselves that’s why we need to follow some on social media sites? We just follow to get some useful and informative stuff with huge fun that’s the only reason why I follow someone on social sites.

How to prevent losing followers:

You can stop losing your followers, but it can’t be done at once because it takes time to build and engage your audience. Your follower those who are going to unfollow you can’t be retained anymore altogether but with smart working, you can save many of them. Don’t post your own selfies because a lot of people are not just following you to see your selfies. If you are managing a celebrity account or even your personal account you can engage your followers with some other post like telling them about your new pet and your accomplishment.

Whenever we talk about social media then we have to come up with new ideas that really work. The appealing caption with your status and picture could be more effective to engage your followers. Avoid giving hefty of hashtags without meaningful sense and always try to get good lighting. If you can entertain your current follower then you don’t need to buy Instagram followers to grow your audience.

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