How To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2 ?Official Hints & Cheats

In general, Little Alchemy 2 is a fun game that is more similar to chemistry. In chemistry, we combine different solutions to formulate components, the same as in Little Alchemy 2, we can make different kinds of components by mixing one element with another. Mixing elements can generate life, but also darkness.

We can discuss every tiny detail about how to make evil in Little Alchemy 2 with ease. If you want to create evil, you will also need the Myths and Monsters content pack, which comes with the default evil element and a lot more unique elements. However, if you don’t wish to purchase and would like to create evil yourself. Let’s get started.

What is Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is a video game based on the concept of combining different ingredients to get the desired element. The elements in Little Alchemy 2 range over 700+ with enhanced graphical layouts throughout the game.

The game is designed to entertain players of all ages with the huge library of elements and ingredients with funny descriptions of each element created (Like if you combine air and earth, the resulting element would be Dust and the game algorithm comes up with a funny description for the element like Earth’s Dandruff aka., Dust). The game also provides players with subtle hints for creating elements. 

Now we can look at the process of making evil in Little Alchemy 2!

 how to make evil in little alchemy 2

Making evil in Little Alchemy 2 is actually quite easy. Start by combining fire and water to create energy. Then, combine energy and time to create life. Finally, we combine life and darkness to create evil.With this process, it takes a lot of time to make evil based on your skills in playing this game. At the beginning of the game, you are only provided with five elements of nature.

Combining elements creates brand-new elements. Alternatively, you can also create evil using default options, which are handy and expensive, depending on the cost of the pack, which is also a hassle-free method of creating unique elements and creatures. Myths and Monsters content pack contains elements like Good, Evil, immortality, and Monsters, which are used in making the Pandor’s Box.

By default, you can get the evil element by purchasing the Myths and Monsters content pack. However, you can create a human element with the ingredients you have available, and once that element is created, combine it with Pandora’s box to create evil. Either way, it is necessary to have the Myths and Monsters content pack handy before starting the game.

You’ll most certainly need these two ingredients in Little Alchemy 2: Humans and Pandora’s Box. A combination of humans and Pandora’s box creates evil. That’s the concept, and now we can look at the process behind this concept. 

Creating a Human Element!

In Little Alchemy 2, the human element is both the most dangerous and the most valuable. Follow the below combinations to get the HUMAN element:

  • By combining earth and water, we get mud, which is water and earthy matter’s soft, sodden child.
  • By combining fire and fire, we get energy, which is the universal motivator.
  • By combining earth and fire, we get lava, which is hot and ready liquefied rock.
  • By combining water and water, we get a puddle, which is a natural kiddie pool.
  • By combining air and lava, we get stone, which is a breaker of bones and other such valuables.
  • By combining Puddle and water, we get a pond, which is a really small lake.
  • By combining pond and water, we get a lake, which is a big pond.
  • By combining mud and stone, we get clay, which is like there’s wet dirt and then there’s fine, wet dirt.
  • By combining lake and water, we get sea, which is commonly mistaken for an ocean! It is a small body of water that is at least partially surrounded by land.
  • By combining Earth and sea, we get primordial soup, which is a body of water so theoretically amazing that it can actually give birth.
  • The combination of energy and primordial soup gives rise to life, which finds a way.
  • By combining life and clay, we get human, also known as the most dangerous game.

Now that we have the human elements, it is time to make Pandora’s box. For this you need the Myths and Monsters content pack because the pack includes most of the ingredients needed to make Pandora’s box in Little Alchemy 2. We get Pandora’s Box by combining Gift and Deity, Container and Good, Container and Evil, Box and Good, Box and Evil.

So Pandora’s Box, which is the box you shouldn’t open, but you know you want to, but you really shouldn’t. One of the elements that makes evil is Pandora’s box, which is composed of different combinations of these elements. Now that we have two of the most valuable elements in making the evil element, let’s create the evil

The making of the Evil element in Little Alchemy 2

By combining Human and Pandora’s Box, we get Evil, the Conscience clouder. This sums up the making of Evil in Little Alchemy 2, a follow-up to Little Alchemy, which is available online (official website of Little Alchemy) as well as on phones and tablets, and PCs can be downloaded from the Google & IOS Play Store. 

It has 720 things in all, beginning with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water including the extra pack Myths and Monsters. Little Alchemy 2 has improved visuals, enhanced color schemes, and cute element descriptions that can be horribly mean. Thus ends the guide to making evil in Little Alchemy 2 and all of the information that surrounds it. 

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