How To Make Clay In little Alchemy 2 ? Official Hints & Cheats

If you want to know how to make Clay in little alchemy 2, you need four ingredients first to make Clay easily. 

  • Your first job is to make mud by combining earth with water.
  • After that, you need to combine fire with earth to make lava.
  • After making lava, your job is to cool down with air to make stone. Hence, you should know that there is no need to use water to cool this down. Otherwise, it will produce steam, which is unnecessary in this case. 
  • Finally, your job is to mix the mud with stone so that you can produce Clay.

To have deep information about “how do you make Clay”, go through the entire article. You need to check the alchemy game recipe list to learn about the alchemy game combinations. However, you can prepare custom recipes (under Edit) that can give you a reminder of how you can create items that are not on the list already.

When you learn the process of producing any element, you should remember that it will stay discovered forever. If you are willing to create more of the same combination again, keeping items in the inventory or using up all pieces is needed. Then, you need to make another one. Thus, it is possible to produce several items by combining ingredients. 

You must not forget to purchase new elements when you are running out of them. Besides, if you are willing, you can sell the remaining items or things that are not suitable for you. After that, you should spend your money to purchase new elements. Otherwise, you may use these to make new items. It is essential to check out the store to find several new things. 

You should mix elements slowly. For example, when you want to make a mushroom, you must mix earth and poison. Sometimes, it may not work. In such cases, you should combine water and poison. Then, mix water and earth. If it is not working, you should combine fire with poison. After that, combine fire with earth. Otherwise, you can add air with poison. 

Some combinations can provide you pieces if you play on your mobile or tablet. These pieces will be bigger/smaller than usual. Moreover, these can be bigger/smaller than they are seen when you use them. Keep in mind the element names that provide small pieces when combined because this one is the only path to get 1 unit of an ingredient except using multiple units.

However, you are capable of selling large pieces for lots of money. 

Ways to Create Clay

It is possible to use nine processes to make Clay in the game. We have given here all the methods which can be applied to create Clay in Little Alchemy 2. 

  • You need to combine Mineral with Rock to produce Clay. 
  • To make Clay, you should mix Mud with Stone. 
  • Combining earth with fire can give you lava, after which you can make Clay. 
  • For making Clay, you can combine Mineral with Sand
  • In terms of making Clay, you need to combine Liquid with Stone 
  • In order to make Clay, you should combine air and lava first to make stone.
  • You can mix mud with sand in this case.
  • Combining earth with water gives mud and, thereafter, Clay. 
  • You can mix minerals with stone to produce Clay.
  • It is possible to combine Liquid with the rock to make Clay. 

Recipes That Require Clay in Little Alchemy 2

 how to make clay in little alchemy 2

You can see many recipes for most items in this game. Clay overall comes with seven recipes:

  • Mud and Stone
  • Mud and Sand
  • Stone and Liquid
  • Stone and Mineral
  • Sand and Mineral
  • Liquid and Rock
  • Rock and Mineral

Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Clay

How do you make Clay in little alchemy 2? This step-by-step process lets you know how to get Clay in little alchemy 2.

Step 1: 

Your first job is to mix two elements. If you make a new element, you can see this appearing in the inventory, representing the circle on the right side. It shows the elements that you can create using other things found already. 

Step 2: 

Then, you should combine with other inventory items and something from your inventory’s outside location. It helps to produce a new item.

Step 3:

After that, you should take the new element for mixing this with another one to produce the third element. We can call this ‘discovering’ an element because the user has determined the ingredients you need to use for making the second object appear. 

Step 4:

After combining two items, the two elements will disappear from inventory. Then, these elements are exchanged for whatever will be produced. Whenever you find a new recipe, you can learn the process of making something new and gain one of the needed ingredients. 

We can say that Clay is a combination of earth, fire, and water. There are other combinations using which you can make Clay, including:

Sand + Mud
Water + Stone
Stone + Mud

It is possible to get it when you cook food with fire. You can use berries, bread, etc., to cook with fire if you find problems to get one of the elements. Thus, it is possible to get clay little alchemy 2

So, to learn how to make Clay in Little Alchemy 2:

Step 1:

Combine earth and fire.

Step 2:

Take the product of these two elements from Step 1. Then, your job is to combine this with water.

Step 3:

Your job is to cook food elements over a campfire or a fire pit so that you can get the flame element when you don’t have one of the elements. 

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