What is itunes unknown error oxe80000a?

iTunes is renowned all around the world and is being ridiculed in the present time for throwing around some of the most ridiculous and irritating errors. The users have been facing the problem of failing to read the contents on their phone and it refusing to play the music that the user wants.

The users get frustrated because of such niggles and often think about switching to other applications or devices entirely. 

Many users have complained about the device showing messages like “itunes could not connect to this iphone an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a”. The errors related to iTunes can be rectified if the user is ready to spend some time trying out the troubleshooting tips. 

Resetting the privacy and location settings

How to fix the itunes error?

Many users have been asking the question as to “how to fix itunes error 0xe80000a” and there are many ways to do the same which are mentioned below. There are many ways in which the task of connecting the iPhone to the personal computer of the user while avoiding error code itunes.

1. Regularly updating the windows, itunes, and the IOS

If the device shows the message “iphone is disabled connect to itunes error 0xe80000a” it may be because of some incompatibilities in the software or hardware of the devices. Installing or updating the versions regularly will likely solve the issue and the probability of the itunes error 0xe80000a will reduce.

To update the existing applications and software one can check for the updates regularly through the start menu and click on open.

A window box appears and one needs to click on the updates to recognize if any updates are available and do it regularly. In the case of an iOS, the settings can be opened and the software may be updated. The updated version needs to be downloaded and installed. After this iTunes application also needs to be updated in the start menu and press Enter.

For smoother functioning of the device any other updates which are related to any of the Apple software can be downloaded for instance the iCloud.

2. Resetting the privacy and location settings

Another major reason for the itunes errors occurred during installation is that the location and privacy settings may be corrupted. These settings are very important as they carry the trust permissions that are required by the iPhone right from the start to link it to the computer or any other device that it is connected to.

This issue can be resolved by resetting the settings and after resetting many applications may ask for the location permissions again for their smooth and efficient working.

Step 1– The first step to follow is to select the settings application and then in the general settings and reset.

How to fix the itunes error

Step 2– The subsequent screen that appears will show the reset location and privacy option and then the reset settings ask for a confirmation. After these settings have been reset, the privacy settings and can help in connecting the iPhone to the device. After this iTunes application needs to be relaunched and a prompt will come up on the iPhone to which the device is connected.

3.Disabling the firewall, antivirus, and security settings

Any third-party security applications that are pre-installed in the device like the antivirus, firewall, or any other settings can cause connectivity issues between the two devices that is the iTunes and iPhone. To check the smooth connection, the user needs to pause the antivirus application temporarily and connect the iPhone after that.

If the antivirus is not switched off, it may lead to the device not connected and the error continuously popping up. The various live shields of the antivirus can be disabled after the icon is clicked which is present in the taskbar.

If following this step helped in solving the problem then iTunes can be added as an exemption to the application’s firewall.

4. Resetting the lockdown folder

A special directory that is developed by iTunes, the lockdown folder has many different certificates managing the security of the device and it helps in the communication of the application with the devices to which it was previously connected.

By giving the trust permissions to the application, the folder can be reset. To reset the folder efficiently the steps that can be followed are mentioned below-

1. The windows+R button is to be pressed which opens up a Run Box. Inside the box, the Type%ProgramData% and then enter it.

2. In the file explorer window, the folder named lockdown needs to be double-clicked.

3. After this the apple directory that opens up, the lockdown folder needs to be renamed.

4. After this it can be renamed to Lockdown. old.

5.The old folder should not be deleted and can be renamed to ensure that a backup of the important files for the efficient functioning of the device.

After following all these steps, the user can relaunch the iTunes and connect it with the device, and then the trust can be tapped on. The lockdown folder which gets created from the scratch completes the security process for the device and ensures proper communication between both the connected devices.

5. The iTunes application can be reinstalled

If the error saying “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone 0xe80000a” continues to come up then the only solution that remains is to reinstall the entire application. When the application is reinstalled it may help in deleting any corrupted data that has accumulated in the files of the application and the settings would readjust themselves.

Reasons behind the itunes 0xe80000a error

This can lead to the error messages going away and thus helping the user.

To do this, apps and features can be typed in the start menu and then remove all the existing iTunes programs in the order mentioned below-

1. iTunes

2. the software

3. mobile device support

4. bonjour

5. apple application support

After doing all this, restart the device and download iTunes with a fresh device and then reinstall it. This step would resolve the error issue and may help the user.

6. Switching the versions

Apple as a brand released iTunes on the Windows Store and it looks almost the same as the store version but is a little upgraded. It is also better in terms of performance and the chances of the errors occurring also reduces. In comparison to the desktop version, the working of this application is smoother. 

Most probably the above-mentioned steps will solve the problem of the error occurring but if these did not help then the user can switch to the store version. Switching over to the windows store version is also very convenient and easy and migrates the downloaded music and the backups themselves. The iTunes page comes within the store and should be installed in a matter of minutes.

Reasons behind the itunes 0xe80000a error

This itunes error happens on the device when it is unable to establish a connection between the Apple device and shows a message that says informing the user about the same.

The reasons behind the error coming up are many including a damaged USB port or cable, the malfunctioning iTunes, and many others. The major causes of the error are-


1. A damaged USB port can cause the apple device to cause an error as it is unable to connect to the computer. One needs to make sure that the USB port that is being used is not damaged and is working smoothly.

2. Another major cause of the error can be failed or incomplete installation of itunes on windows. If the application is not downloaded properly then this error is prone to come up.

3. The malfunctioning processes also cause the error messages to be generated because it slows down the functioning of the device and the application. This use can be resolved by stopping the processes that cause the trouble and then reconnecting the device can be an alternative.      


The itunes error 0xe80000a can cause the user to get irritated and there have been many instances where they switched the product because of the same. The coming up of the error is a very common issue and many apple users face it frequently. Though the company has been constantly working on finding the reasons behind the issue, some of the websites have predicted the most probable reasons.

Some of the most common solutions to resolves the issue are also available on the websites and helps the users. The error that comes up maybe of any kind whether it is that the computer failed to receive the contents from the phone or the media files were unable to play on the connected device. On the windows 10 PC, this problem can be easily resolved instantly and the user can use the application again very smoothly.

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