How To Do Superscript On Google Docs In Your Device

Hey, are you finding it difficult to insert superscript in Google doc? Well, fortunately, inserting superscript in Google Docs is quite easy and there are quite a few ways to go about it. But before we get into that, it’s important to understand what superscript looks like.

Have you seen a particular word in a text placed above the rest of the test Such words or alphabets are usually smaller than the rest of the text? These are called superscript. Additionally, there is something called the subscript. These are small words placed under the rest of the text.

But in the absence of proper spacing between both the words, the entire sentence will look awful. Thus it’s important to space out all the words properly so that it becomes easier to read both of them. Now while this is an easy process, not many people know how to go about it. In that light, this guide can help them learn all about superscript and subscript.

How to insert superscript in google docs?

This is basically a two-step process:

Begin by highlighting the script that is to be superscripted.

Click on Windows: Ctrl + period or macOS: ⌘ + period depending on the system you are using.

But assuming that the readers do not know much about superscripts an subscripts, a thorough visual maybe required.

Use the toolbar:

If you want to insert superscript to your document start by using the toolbar placed at the top of your document.


The next step involves highlighting the part you want to be superscripted.

Format Selection:

Following this, select the format from the toolbar placed on the top and click on the button “Format”

Select and superscript

Once completed with the last step, a drop-down menu will appear. Find the button labeled “Text” and click on that.

After doing this you will find yet another pop-up menu. From this new list select “Transcript”. On completing these steps the superscript will be complete. Now that answers your age-long question on how to make superscript in google docs, does it not? 

How to write subscript in google docs?

How To Do Superscript On Google Docs
How To Do Superscript On Google Docs

After you have completed learning about superscripts and how to use them, its time to master the art of making subscripts. This too is not a big deal, by following the steps below it will be easy for you to understand and make subscripts.

Google Docs makes it fairly easy to add a subscript to a text. Here are the steps that must be followed:

Begin by highlighting the text. Then click on the Format button from the toolbar.

After this step, the drop-down menu appears on the screen.

From the different menu options click on the Text button and click on Subscript.

Once all these steps are completed, the subscript is achieved.

Subscript keyboard shortcut

How To Do Superscript On Google Docs
How To Do Superscript On Google Docs

Though there are lengthy processes ( as mentioned above) to create superscript or subscript, we are always looking for shortcuts to get our work done, and that is fine. The use of technology and tools is to reduce the human hours. The idea is to get the work done more quickly. So, in that light, having shortcuts is always effective. Read more- pimpandhost internet archive Wayback

In order to make a subscript keyboard shortcut, the following steps can be followed:

Select the character that you want to format

If you want to press on Ctrl and the Equal sign (=) at the same time. However, DO NOT press Shift

The subscript shortcut also works in the same manner. You will just have to select Ctrl, Shift, and the Plus sign (+) all at the same time.

 How to create superscript shortcut google docs?

How To Do Superscript On Google Docs
How To Do Superscript On Google Docs

Shortcuts make our lives easy and thus, having superscript shortcut google docs is essential. This is a very easy process. The shortcut involves:

  • Mac: Command.
  • PC: Control.

One just has to highlight a particular number or numbers, or a given portion of the text that they will want to superscript. After that, one has only to press the Command period. That’s it. Superscripting is achieved.


Superscripting and subscribing are very useful while writing. It adds a certain notch to a document that is required at a time. So, with all this information handy, making a superscript and subscript will not be difficult. Just follow the instructions and get going!

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