How To Delete Tinder Gold?

Learn how to delete Tinder gold from the Android or iOS devices and get rid of the unnecessary expenses which have no benefits today in the dating world.

Dating has become a tough call to make online these days, especially when Tinder is full of people who have nothing better to do but be coarse and uncultured.

Moreover, spending bucks on Tinder gold seeks no value now as there are many other dating applications and websites that do not require you do spend any extra penny out of pocket. Isn’t that great, then? Now, why would you need to continue Tinder gold membership then?

We see no point in that, and we know you are struggling with the same issue, which has landed you on this page.

For the best of your knowledge, there are fairways that you must follow to delete the Tinder gold membership as per your convenience. It could be permanent or temporary. You can simply pause the account or remove it from the Tinder database forever if you are already too fed up with it.

How To Delete Tinder Gold?

From Android Phone:

Firstly, which device you have, open the Tinder application on the same.

Then go to the Profile section on the application. For the Android operating system and devices, it will be located on the left side. So, locating or finding the profile option is never too difficult. I

If you are not able to find it, check wherever you can see the Display Picture and click that icon. Then you will be directed toward the profile section on Tinder itself.

On the profile section, you will find a lot of options to manipulate and make it better and worthwhile. But this time you will only find the Subscription option.

Therein, you will get to see which kind of Subscription you have taken on Tinder. If you have been an active member of the Tinder gold, it will show it the same under this head.

And while you are checking the Subscription part out on the application, you will also find the option where you can Cancel or Unsubscribe the Tinder gold features.

If you have been growing frustrated by not getting the desired results or if you don’t have time to use Tinder anymore, this could be the valid option for immediate cancellation.

But you need to remember the fact that knowing how to delete Tinder gold is not enough, as the subscription will continue till the next billing cycle.

From Your Desktop Android Emulators:

Go to the Google Play Account

Log in the account which you remember has the Tinder gold membership availed.

Go to the My Subscriptions option from the left-hand corner.

Select the Tinder application from the windowpane, which opens and then find the Manage option around the application name.

From hereon, you can select to cancel the subscription of your Tinder gold account and delete the match account you have been growing irritated with or are no that happy with.

From An iOS Device:

Irrespective of the iOS device you are using, find these steps to be helpful no matter what.

Check for the iOS setting options of your favorite iPhone or iPad device.

Then go to the iTunes & App Store after you have logged in the official Apple ID account you might have made initially. This step is legible and necessary if you are not already logged in to your ID.

Otherwise, when you open the settings, you simply must click on your Apple ID. So now, you have to click the Apple ID email icon after you have opened the iTunes & App Store.

A different kind of menu will pop-up which will have the option of View Apple ID, click it. Now scroll down until it says Subscriptions where you will find every other application’s subscription you have paid for.

Here you can see whatever Subscriptions that are Active or Expire. If Tinder gold subscription in the Active corner, click it. Then scroll down and click Cancel Subscription. It is that easy and quick to find and do for everyone who has the iOS device.

How To Delete Tinder Account?

You do not want to be on this dating application—be it any version of Tinder. Then we understand you completely. We know how cumbersome it can be to be on the dating application when every time you have to introduce yourself in a fresh manner, despite having a bio that says it all.

So, follow these steps to simply delete the Tinder account and get done with it.

Go to the icon of Tinder on your mobile device. However, if you cannot find it, then browse the Play Store to see if you have it installed or not. You can then open the application form the Play Store, as well.

Find the Profile section on your tinder application if you are already logged in. Otherwise, if you are not logged in, put the ID and password for the same.

Now once you are in the Profile corner of the whole Tinder’s interface, browse and find the Settings option at the bottom. Click it and you will find options like Logout and Delete Account.

So, now you can easily click the delete button, and Tinder might ask you for surety. So, you need to click yes that you are sure to delete the account, permanently.

Learn To Pause Tinder Account

Go to your Tinder application’s icon, which you find on your phone if it already installed.

Then click the Profile section, which we have explained above in detail on finding it without trouble.

Scroll down to the Setting tab and find the Logout button afterward. After you click Logout, you will be officially out of the Tinder notification and all the distractions that you face with it.


Be it any device, if Tinder is not what you want any more, then you can always check out of the dating world. Moreover, it also helps you to set your priorities right for a while. We hope that this blog finds you the correct steps on how to delete the Tinder gold or pause the account till you want to join back in.

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