How Long Will an Amber Teething Necklace Work?

An amber necklace that is properly taken care of should last at least two years. Babies’ first teeth start appearing at around three months of age and lasts until about 33 months. Ideally, one necklace should, therefore, be sufficient to provide its benefits for reducing the symptoms of teething throughout this period.

However, it is important to replace an amber necklace if you notice the following:

– The amber appears dull.

– The beads are rough and porous.

– The amber is brittle, and the beads are starting to crumble or break.

– The amber has a foul odor.

When worn correctly, an amber necklace should last for decades. In order to ensure its long lifespan, it is important to take excellent care of the accessory. Sadly, most people neglect this aspect, and as a result, they experience early damage to their adornment. This piece shall divulge to you a set of common mistakes made in the care of an amber necklace and the remedy to those common mistakes.

– Select a necklace made with high-quality amber beads.

– Wash and clean your teething necklace once every month.

– Do not allow the necklace to come in contact with heat to prevent cracking or melting.

– Avoid excessive exposure of the necklace to sunlight to prevent fading of the beads and discoloring of amber.

– Keep away from water to avoid loosening of the impregnated oils.

– Store the necklace away from abrasive objects to prevent excessive rubbing and chipping of the amber.

Proper care or replacement of an amber teething necklace is not only to increase its longevity. The efficacy of the amber can be lost as the stones begin to deteriorate.

Amber is the fossilized seed resin, of a forest tree that grew in prehistoric times. Amber has a mildly pleasant smell to it, and it provides a cooling sensation when worn against the skin. When this resin is in touch with human skin, it releases an acidic chemical called succinic acid, which is widely known for its pain-relieving properties. As succinic acid is released gradually, it provides these important benefits to a child assisting it with teething during its journey from baby to child.

When Should Your Replace an Amber Teething Necklace?

It is not just the deterioration of the amber that needs to be taken into account when considering whether it is time for a replacement. Size is also important. Some amber necklace is not adjustable and will not accommodate the growth that the baby will experience between 3 months of age and three years.

It is important to replace a necklace that is fitting too tightly around the neck to prevent a choking or strangling hazard. You will probably need to replace the necklace because it has simply become too small for the baby before it deteriorates and becomes ineffective. It is however, recommended to buy and adjustable necklace that is of high quality if you want it to last the entire period of teething.

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