Herban Cowboy Products

One of the reason I went vegetarian was a concern about the food I was putting into my body. I then decided to research what I was putting on my body. When I began my search for organic and eco-friendly grooming products, the first name I came across at my local health food store was Herban Cowboy. There just doesn’t seem to be many companies that care about creating and selling and green products, but Herban Cowboy does.

After reading about the nasty things in everyday cosmetics and how the cosmetic companies don’t have to label what’s in their products, I began to look for healthier deodorant and cologne. I found the cologne first. It’s called Dusk and I love the scent. My nine-year old niece calls the smell “manly”. Another selling point for me is that it’s vegan and not tested on animals. I was able to smell the Dusk cologne at the store and knew I wanted it.

To go with the Dusk cologne, I bought the deodorant ‘WILD”. Great scent. I noticed nothing odd when switching from the normal everyday deodorant to the Herban Cowboy WILD. I like the smell better and feel it’s better for my body and the environment. When I noticed I had about used up my stick of WILD, I purchased another Herban Cowboy scent called “Forest”. Forest has a lighter scent, what I would call woodsy or a slight spicy. The product description reads: Contains no aluminum, triclosan, alcohol, phthalates, parabens or propylene glycol.  I think it’s about as good as it gets with smearing baking soda in your armpits!

I really like the Herban Cowboy products I’ve tried. I want to support businesses that sell vegan products. It’s a little more pricey that buying the $2 stick of deodorant a dollar store. I’m willing to buy the products I feel are better for me than to support companies that put who-knows-what into cheap products. Please check out the Herban Cowboy line for possible replacements for your everyday personal care products, thanks!

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